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Alchemical Manuscripts in the British Library

Sloane 2000-3000

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MS. Sloane 2006.
Paper. Quarto. 387 folios. 16th Century.
Once belonging to P. Saunders, 1606.

MS. Sloane 2008.
Paper. Quarto. 356 folios. 17th Century.
Once belonging to P. Saunders.
1. Testamentum seu theorica in lapide Philosophorum Raymundi Lullii. f3-149.
2. Practica Testamenti. f150-188.
3. Liber Phoenix in declaratione libri turbae philosophorum excellentissimi doctoris Magistri Arnoldi de Villa Nova. f189-202.
4. Liber lapidarii qui alias dicitur Parctica Lapidum pretiosorum et de compositione lapidis mineralis per principia. f203-222.
5. Compendium magni Raymundi Lullii philosophi de Insula Majoricana de transmutatione secreta metallorum quod et lapidarium dicitur. f223-232.
6. Compendium Animae Artis miserum regi Roberto super testamentum et codicillum et Vade mecum de numero philosophorum. f232b-241.
7. De principiis artis an sint naturalia et an reperiantur in una individuali naturae, sive artis et naturae et quid sit argentum vivum philosophorum. f242-272.
8. Liber lucis Mercuriorum Raymiundi Lullii de compositione coelestis menstrui vegetabilis et divine lapidis. f272v-287.
9. Liber magnae medicinae Raymundi Lullii. f228-318.
10. Liber Raymundi Lullii de conservatione vitae humanae usque ad terminum a Deo praefixum. f318v-338.
11. Additamentum ad Lapidarium. f339-344.
12. Lucidarium totius testamenti Raymundi Lullii ad regum OEdoardum per eundem factum. f345-356.

MS. Sloane 2010.
Paper. Quarto. 68 folios. 17th Century.
Compendium Secretorum Artis Alchimicae cum aliquibus pulcherrimis Artium Medicinae Secretis partim Latine partim Italice. ff.1-68.

MS. Sloane 2012.
Paper. Quarto. 122 folios. 17th Century.
'Collections des procedés de Chymie du feu Mons. le Chevalier [Kenelm] Digby, Chancelier de la Regne Mere de la Grande Bretagne, selon les originaux escrits de sa propre main, comme aussi quelque autres curiosités.'

MS. Sloane 2036.
Paper. Quarto. 92 folios. 17 Century.
1. 'The practice of philosophers - thus chapter followinge declareth the word of Avicen in the chapter next before where he saith, 'first let the spirit's soule be shut from the body, then after that purge it by fire from the sum of the body afterward cast away their sinnes'. f2-4.
2. 'The compendiary of the noble science of alchemy compiled by Mr. William Blomefield philosopher and bachelor of physicke admitted by King Henry the 8th of most famous memory, anno Domini 1557'. f5-13. [Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum p.305.]
3. 'The best ferment of Raymond'. f13.
4. 'To know the principall coloures of the stone'. f13v.
5. Metrical treatise on the science of Alchemy, entitled 'Pater Sapientiae'. f14-19. [Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum p194.]
6. 'Here after followeth the opening of the Secret of Secrets done by art of Philosophy.' f20.
7. Alchemical treatise in verse, entitled, 'The Secrets of Nature'. f22-25.
Ashmole p380, printed under the title 'The Mystery of Alchemy, composed by Geo. Ripley Chanon of Bridlington'. p.380.
8. How to make the philosopher's stone. f25.
Begins: 'I say to you plainly our medicine is a stone, and it is one thing in kind and not of divers things'.
9. Alchemical verses. f26
Begins: 'With hic et haec thus may ye do'. [Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum p432.]
10. Alchemical verse. f26.
Begins: 'I am Mercury the mightiest flos florum'.
11. Alchemical verses. f27.
Begins : 'I shew you here a short conclusion'. [Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum p352.]
12. Alchemical verses. f28.
Begins: 'Why art thou so poore man and I am so rich'. [Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum p355.]
13. The 3rd, 6th and 7th Chapter of Thomas Norton's Ordinal of Alchymy. f30-36. [Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum p39.]
14. 'The names of the philosopher's stone colelcted and gathered by William Garataroke'. f37. [Printed in 'Five Treatise of the Philosopher's Stone' edited by H.P. London, 1651, p65.]
15. 'The secret of secrets and stone of Philosophers'. f37v [Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum p68.]
16. 'How the quinte essence is drawne out of minerall things'. f39.
17. 'Here beginneth the secret of Demetrius upon the body, spirit and soule'. f41.
18. 'Here beginneth the documents of Mireris of the secrets of nature'. f43.
19. 'Aqua vitae minerall for all diseases of imperfect bodies'. f45-48.
Begins: 'Brethren ye that seeke the science of Alchemy, seeke no more but onely that perfect philosophers have sought'.
20. 'A declaration of the Philosopher's Stone by Avicenn to his sonn.' f49.
[See Theatrum Chemicum IV p986.]
21. 'The Practise of Philosophers by Rasis'. f51.
22. 'The booke of John Sawtre a Monke' - concerning the Philosophers Stone. f53-63. [Printed in 'Five treatises...' p.17.]
23. Here followeth the 3rd parte of this my booke wherein I shall speake of the principals and rooles of Mettals, and to prove the same I will shew divers and sundry philosophicall evident reasons - by me Doctor Alemont'. [i.e. Bernard of Trevisan]. f64-67.
24. 'Here followeth the 4th parte of this my booke, wherein I will speake of the practice of this noble science, and set the same art in a parable or figure'. f68-70.
25. 'Here followeth the booke entitled the Marie [Marrow] of Alkamy, compiled by George Ripley, channon, 1476. f71-75. [Printed in his collected works Cassel 1649. p123.]
26. Alchemical receipts. f76-83
27. [sic] 28 Alchemical verses [Imperfect] f86. [Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum p.344.]
29. Letter communicating alchymical secrets. f87-89.
Begins: 'Right well-beloved and trusty child and friend I shall informe [you] of this gratious and blessed secret the which is hid of old men'.
30. 'The making of artificial stones'. f90-91.

MS. Sloane 2037.
Paper. Quarto. 89 folios. 17th Century.
1. Printed book entitled 'Sanguis Naturae, or a Manifest Declaration of the sanguine and solar concealed liquor of Nature.' London, 1696. ff.1-60.
2. 'The third Book of Sanguis Naturae, which was as yet not printed in English, in this present year, 1705.' ff.61-89.

MS. Sloane 2053.
Paper. Folio. 72 folios. 17th Century.
1. Collectanea chymica hermetica ex optimis authoribus Alchymicis. ff.2-65.
2. 'Practica Ioannis Tritemii Abbatis Spanheimensis per quam veram scientiam Magisterii philosophici obtinuit.' ff.66-72.

MS. Sloane 2055.
Paper. Folio. 163 folios. 17th Century.
1. Opus Trognianum alchymicum. ff.2-6.
2. Opus magnum Emanuel Cretansis philosphi. ff.7-9.
3. Various alchymical processes. [French] ff.10-16.
4. 'Lapis triplex Mineralis vegetabilis animalis, Trogny.' ff.17-20.
5. 'Extraict d'une lettre Neptis au druide sur l'operation de la procedeure de Philipon.' ff.21-31, 37-51.
6. Quaedam ex Riplei scriptis. ff.32-36.
7. Various alchymical processes and preparations [partly Latin, partly French]. ff.52-79.
8. 'Dryeda de Mercuriis metallorum 1610.' [French]. ff.81-129.
9. Alchymical treatise by Raymond Lully. [French]. ff.130-154.
10. Emplastrum Domini Ducis Saxoniae, etc. ff.155-163.

MS. Sloane 2083.
Paper. Octavo. 105 folios. 17th Century.
1. 'Ars occulta detecta ab Elia Artista, es ipsius Trogny, autographo mihi dato Sedani, et in mei gratiam ab ipso authore conscripto. Jan.1622.' ff.1-12.
2. 'Sequentia adversaria sunt ex variis auditionibus Hermetis, 1622.' ff.12b-20.
3. 'Sequentia ex auditionibus Hermetic descripta, ex libro D. Marciani Goraysky de Goray Nobilis Poloni, 1622.', etc. ff.21-30.
4. An anonymous tract on alchymy, in French. [Imperfect.] ff.31-65.
Begins: 'Ayant de tout temps resolu mon cher enfantt.'
5. Various alchymical processes and preparations, partly Latin, partly English.

MS. Sloane 2097.
Paper. Folio. 105 folios. 17th Century.
3. Miscellanea chemica. ff.23-55.
4. 'De Cabala van de Philosophe Isaac den Hollanderint.' ff.56-77.
6. Chemical collections, in German. ff.93-105.

MS. Sloane 2101.
Paper. Folio. 107 folios. 17th Century.
2. De alchymia tractatulus. ff.10-12.
3. De generatione sulphure vulgi et mercuriae, etc. ff.13-15.
4. 'An admonition wherein the author declareth his erronious experiments', in verse. f.16.
Begins: 'After all this I will thou understand.'
5. 'The Epistle by the same author written to King Edward the 4th', in verse. f17b.
Begins: 'O honorable lord and most victorious Knight.'
6. Various Alchymical observations, in French. ff.19-31.

MS. Sloane 2125.
Paper. Octavo. 69 folios. 17th Century.
1. A Treatise on the Philosopher's Stone, by Basilius Valentinus, Benedictine Monk [German.] ff.1-55.
2. 'Particularia a Basilianis non omnino aliena': consisting of various processes. [German.] ff.56-59.
3. 'Erklärung uber die XII Schlüssel F. Bas. Valentini. Elucidation ista Rudolpho II Imperatori ab Archiepiscopo Coloniensi [Ernesto de Bavaria] Pragam transmisso.' German. f.60-69.

MS. Sloane 2128.
Paper. Octavo. 33 folios. 15th Century.
Formerly belonging to John Dee in 1557.
1. Collectanea alchymica, ex operibus Rosariis, Raymundi Lullii et aliorum. ff.1-30.

MS. Sloane 2135.
Paper. Quarto. 89 folios. 14th Century.
1. Recepta chemicae et alchimicae. ff.1-11.
2. 'Incipiunt secreta Hermetic philosophi inventoris metallorum naturas [sic] secundum transmutationis naturam'. [Imperfect.] ff.12-17.
Begins: 'Primo sciendum est quod septem sunt planetae secundum cursum quorum omnia inferiora reguntur.'
3. 'Tractatus bonus breviter exceptus de libello qui dicitur semita recta Alberti.' ff.20-21.
Deficit principium.
Explicit: 'habere expensas sufficientas quas sufficienter refundet.'
4. Collectanea chemica et alchemica. ff.22-30.
5. Chemical receipts: also directions for selecting fortunate seasons - written in a later hand. ff.30-37.
6. Recepta chemica et alchemica. ff.38-49.
7. 'Capitulum notabile viri bonae memoriae Emerici de Monte Forti'. [Imperfect.]
Begins: 'Extrahitur lapis noster benedictus a vera minera tempore vernali.'
8. Receipt for making the philosopher's stone; written in a more modern hand. f.50b.
9. Experimenta de corde serpentis, e libro Salis Vitae Acanini Ferici per Johannem Paulinum extracta. f.52.
10. 'Tractatus alchimicus de separationibus spirituum a corporibus et corporum a spiritibus.' [Imperfect.] ff.53-72.
Begins: 'Cum studii solertis indagine universarium rerum artificia philosophia aperit.'
11. Recepta chemicae et alchemicae: partim Latine, partim Anglice. ff.77-89.

MS. Sloane 2169.
Paper. Folio. 91 folios. 17th Century.
1. Collection of chymical and alchymical receipts. ff.1-25, 28-34.
2. 'Medulla operationum variarum Druideae neptis Hermetis aliorum philosophorum.' ff.26-27.
3. Treatise upon Alchemy. ff.35-62.
The heading of the first chapter is as follows:- 'The preface of the author directed to his son in the which he declareth the things necessary to the composition of the stone of the wisemen.'
The first chapter begins:- 'My son, after I had long time consulted with myself whether I should leave you in writing the hidden secrets of the Cabbala of the wise-men.'
4. Alchymical receipts. etc. ff.62b-91.

MS. Sloane 2170.
Paper. Folio. 95 folios. 17th Century.
1. Excerpts from the works of Raymond Lully. f1-7.
2. 'A noble practice of Chacha Viride, vel vitrioll Romany and of others, by Sir Hugh Platt'. f8-17.
3. 'An extraction owt of the booke of Semita Recta of Albertus Magnus, as an experiment of Roger Bacon'. f18-30.
4. Miscellaneous alchemical collections. f31-37.
5. 'Codicella George Ripley wherein is contayned the whole worke of the compocission of the stone philosophical or greate elixir'. f38-46.
6. 'Certayn noates and chapters taken fowrthe of the booke [of Spencers] that Aristotle sent to Alexander. f47-53.
7. 'Certaine notes taken owt by me fowrth of the XII gates of G. Ripley'. f54-55.
8. Alchemical rhymes by 'Merlyn the prophite' f55v.
Begins : 'Deare is this arte, rare, shorte, and very light
One thinge it craves which every man knowes well'.
9. Treatise upon Alchemy, in the form of a letter. f58-59.
The following note is affixed as a title to the MS.
'This copie herafter I tooke fowrthe of a very olde litle booke of Mr Blagbornes. But who was the fyrste author thereof I know not. But (as I suppose) it was dedicate to Kinge Henrie the eight.'
Begins:'Insomuch (most redowted suffrene), as ther hath bene dyverse persones and yet be (as I heresaye) which have promysed unto your moste excellent majestie to enforse themselves to worke in the excellent worke of Alkymye'.
11. 'This is a noble extraction drawen owt by me and gathered forthe of George Rypley, Arnolde and other bookes for my better and perfect remembrance. E. Deckyngton'. f66-88.
12. Treatise on Alchemy written partly in English and partly in Latin.
Begins: 'There are 7 terms or braunches that bryng furth dyvers levis and 3 maner of fruytts in the which is founde the neste of the birde of Hermes'.

MS. Sloane 2172.
Paper. Folio. 265 folios. 17th Century.
41. 'Treatise of the true salt, the Philosophers secret and of the universal spirit of the world', by the Lord of Nuisement. ff.132-172.
Begins: 'Chap. 1. That the world liveth and is full of life - Having taken in hand to depaint in these three treatises the spirit of the world.'

MS. Sloane 2173.
Paper. Folio. 86 folios. 17th Century.
Alchymical observations and extracts chiefly from the works of Roger Bacon, Raymund Lully, and Sir George Ripley; they are entitled, 'A book of Alchymy etc. Dive Leshe, a Polonian.' [Michael Sendivogius.] Amongst them however may be noticed the following:-
1. An alchymical treatise entitled, 'The composition of the two elixers [Moon] and [Sun] and the composition of the great elixir' etc. ff.26-34.
Begins: 'take great bay salt as it is made out of the sea.'
2. An alchymical tract.
Begins: 'Hermes sayeth it is a true thing.' ff.59-62.
Reversing the volume:-
3. A short treatise on Alchymy. [Imperfect.] ff.56b-34b.

MS. Sloane 2174.
Paper. Folio. 140 folios. 16th and 17th Centuries. 1. A collection of alchymical tracts and observations in the same handwriting as the preceding volume; the following may be particularly noticed:-
a. The rules of canons of philosophy. ff.1-6.
b. A treatise upon the philosophers' stone. ff.9-29.
Begins: 'many bothe wise and excellent lerned men.'
c. Extract taken out of Ventura's work, de ratione conficiendi Lapidis philosophici (?). ff.30-39.
Title: 'What regiment in special is necessary for art taken out of Ventura.'
d. 'Clavicula Lullii quae et apertorium dicitur, in qua omnia quae in opere Alchimiae requiuntur aperte declarantur.' ff.40-44.
Begins: 'Nos appellavimus opus hoc nostrum claviculam qui sine hoc.'
e. A treatise on Alchymy, imperfect at the beginning. ff.45-56.
Chap. I. 'Of myneral stone - Wyth the helpe of God let us prosede, but because there are things whereof...'
f. A treatise entitled 'The Rosarye.' ff.57-73.
Begins: 'All the workes of divine goodness be circular and perfect rounde.'
g. The compound of Alchymy, by George Ripley, imperfect at the beginning. f73b-85.
It begins with the eighth stanza of the preface: 'Like as of one masse was made all things.'
h. A few stanzas of the Epistle of George Ripley to King Edward IV, prefixed to his Compound of Alchymy. f.85b.
2. The ordinall of Alchymy by Thomas Norton, with the preface. ff.89-116.
Printed in Theatrum Chemicum Edited Ashmole, p.6.
3. A poem of Alchymy, imperfect at the end. ff.117-139.
Begins: 'This seyence bearithe her name by a King
Callyd Alchimus without any lesing
A glorious prince of most noble mynde
His noble vertews hope him this arte to finde.'

MS. Sloane 2175.
Paper. Folio. 191 folios. 17th Century.
1. A treatise entitled, The way to Bliss, in three books by Elias Ashmole. ff.1-51.
Printed in Quarto, London, 1658.
2. An alchymical treatise on 'the glory of light'. ff.52-58.
Begins: 'The trueth seems buried because it brings forth little fruite'.
Ends: 'which preserves the temple of man's body incorruptible'.
3. A few alchymical experiments. f.59.
4. A treatise on the philosophers' stone divided into two books, 'e lib Dim. Ed.' ff.61-64.
5. An alchymical treatise entitled 'Adonay'. ff.65-69.
Begins: 'Here beginneth the true receipt to congeale and fix [mercury] into Sol and to transmute all mettals'.
6. Some alchymical experiments. f.69b.
7. 'Liber et practica Magistri Rowlandi Gre, Canonici de Waltonia; vixit Anno Domini 1473, et rescriptus erat per me Thomam Mountforlium anno 1592'. ff.71b-86. Begins: 'Sex sunt regimina in opere nostro; primum est distillatio, secundum est seperatio'.
8. 'The practice of Lights'. ff.88-91.
Begins: 'Surely without any falsehood the science of Alchimy is true'.
9. Processus quidam Alchymici. ff.91b-95.
10. 'Michaelis Sendivogii Polani Lumen Chymicum novum', with preface. In English. ff.96-113.
The preface begins: 'That I may deserve well at those who truly love God and are well wishers unto this arte'.
Cap. I: 'De subjecto terra tanquam materia lapidis philosophici parte inferiori - Now seeing the earth is the mother unto a metalline generation'.
11. Some alchymical experiments. f.113b.
12. Avicula Hermetis Catholica De mercurio sulphure et salo philosophorum in uno subjecto: auctore Salomone Raphaele. ff.117-134.
Printed in duodecimo, London 1638.
13. A treatise on Alchymy, in the form of a dialogue. ff.136-144.
Begins: 'Question - First shew me in what thinge, of what thinge, or by what thinge, is the medicine or multiplication of mettals to be made'.
14. 'The 159 philosophicall canons translated out of the Latin worde for worde religiously and faithfully, by J.E.D.D.' ff.145-147.
15. A treatise entitled, The Bosom booke - 'being the copy of an old bookke which is thought to be the handwriting of Mr George Ripley Chanon, translated out of Latin by Samuel Norton, Esq., the 5 of Febr. anno Domini 1573', with a recapitulation of the work affixed. ff.148-172.
Chap 1: 'The concordante of Guido and Raymund Lully - For as much as Raymund speaking of the ferment of the stone'.
16. 'The practise and making of the Elixir.' f.172b.
17. Some Alchymical processes. f.173b.

MS. Sloane 2176.
Paper. Folio. 65 folios. 17th Century.
A collection of alchemical processes, preparations and observations; amongst which the following may be noticed:-
1. Specula prima alchymiae. In English. ff.1-20.
2. Tractatus filii Salomonis. In English. ff.21-33.
Begins: 'Excellent be the grace of God given unto me the soon of Sallomon'.
3. An extract from Roger Bacon. ff.34b-41.
4. Quaedam de natura metallorum. In English. ff.42-45.
5. Visio Johannis Dastin. In English. f.46.
6. A compendious extract of Alchymy, divided into seven chapters, drawn out of Latin into English. ff.18-51.
Begins: 'Now forasmutche as divers have labored'.

MS. Sloane 2182.
Paper. Quarto. 70 folios. 17th Century.
Liber alchymicus; in German. ff.1-70.

MS. Sloane 2188.
Paper. Quarto. 48 folios. 17th Century.
1. Explanatio trium Geberi medicinarum. ff.1-3.
2. Treatise upon scriptural authority for the truth of the science of Alchymy. ff.40-47.
3. Enigmatical rhymes upon the philosopher's stone. f.47b.
Begins: 'A riddle to you I will propose Of a common thing that most men knowes'.
4. Explanation of the Urim and Thummin, taken from Doctor Taylor's Book entitled 'Christ Revealed'. folio 119. f.48.

MS. Sloane 2190.
Paper. Quarto. 62 folios. 17th Century.
'Theophrasti Paracelsi summi philosophi ac medici, septem de Natura rerum libri:- opuscula vere philosophica ex Germanica lingua in Latinam translata' - per M. Georgium Forbergium Mysum. ff.1-61. Printed Basil. 1573.

MS. Sloane 2192.
Paper. Quarto. 165 folios. 17th Century.
Treatise on Alchymy in a letter addressed by Robert Lane, 'To the Right Honourable Edmond Shefell earle of Mulgrave, the auncientest Knight of the noble order of the Garter'. ff.1-8.
Inserted in the treatise are the following selections from the works of other writers:-
1. 'A divine discorse of the universall nature'. ff.9-17.
2. 'Speculus veritatis; a disputation betwixt Mary the sister of Joseph and Aros of the Gretians'. ff.17b-20.
3. Of the originality of the philosophers' stone. ff.21-44.
4. Treatise upon Alchymy, in four parts. ff.45-72.
Begins: 'Calling upon the name of God without whome noe help is gotten: for all good proceedeth from him and is distributed to the man that is well disposed'.
5. 'The little Key of Solomon's Sonne's testament'. ff.73-105.
Begins: 'In the name of God so be it. Excellent by the Grace of God given unto mee the sonne of Solomon by the which I make my testament'.

MS. Sloane 2193.
Paper. Quarto. 89 folios. 17th Century.
1. Treatise on the multiplication of metals; in question and answer. ff.1-17.
Begins: 'Quest: First shewe me in what thing, of what thing or by what thing is the medicine of multiplication of mettels to bee made'.
2. Alchymical treatise, taken from 'an olde unknowne manuscript'. ff.17b-18.
Begins: 'Ye brethren which seeke the secretes of nature, viz. 2 tinctures, white and red, which after the opinion of philosophers is not had without corporall ferment'.
3. Alchymical extracts from Longinus Caesar. ff.19-39.
4. English version of George Ripley's Philorcium Philosophorum. ff.40-46.
The original is printed among his Works, Ed. Cassel, 1649. p.179.
5. Notes out of Alexander de Suchten. ff.46-52, 80.
6. 'A treatise written in the Caldean tongue anno 1027, and translated into Latin'. ff.53.
Begins: 'The greate elixir is made of 2 extreames, the extreames are crude and cocte'.
7. Various alchymical receipts. ff.54-56.
8. 'Notes out of Paracelsus his 7 bookes de natura rerum'. ff.57-63.
9. 'An excellent discourse of the old philosophers'. ff.64.
Begins: 'The olde philosophers did counterfeit the worke of nature choosing clene earthes both white and red'.
10. Extracts from Joachimus Tankins. ff.66-69.
11. Alchymical notes and receipts. ff.70-89.

MS. Sloane 2194.
Paper. Quarto. 91 folios. 17th Century.
f1 [Short Verse] : 'In Mercurio Triumpho'.
f3 [At top] : 'Collections and Treatises of Alchymy by Sir Hugh Platt'.
[Short notes and recipes.]
f5 'As long as the Temple of Jerusalem was in buyldinge so long will the stonne be in makinge'.
[Short notes in English from various works, some in verse.]
1. 'Tabula smaragdina, or the table of emerald sayd to be found in the sepulcher of Hermes'. ff.10b.
The Latin version was printed in octavo, 1608.
2. f11v-23r The Starr of the complexion of the perfect magistery of the secrets of the art of Alchemy, made by John Bumbelen of England, in the yeare of the Lord 1384 [appears to have been changed from '16--'] and dedicated to King Richard the second, in the eigth yeer of his raign.]
[Preface and 12 chapters.]
3. 'A vision in a dream which Ben Adam had in the time of Rucharez's raigne, King of Adamah; published by Floretus a Bethabor - with another treatise of Frederick Gall his journey to the hermitage of St. Michael 1648'. ff.24-28.
f28r-28v [Recipe.]
4. 'Questions in philosophie, with their aunswers moste secrett'. ff.29-45.
Begins: 'Sir, I have commended to your worshipp a confirmation of those poyntes of philosophie that we latlye conferred upon touching the elixir'.
f45v-47v [Recipes.]
5. 'A book named the breviary of Philosophie compiled by the unlettered scholler Thomas Charnock studious in the most worthy science of astronomie and philosophie A.D. 1557, 1 Januarii, et exscriptium 28 Martii 1601'. ff.48-57. Printed in Ashmole, Theatrum Chemicum, p.291.
6. 'A booke of the spirits of planettes, composed by Theophilus Paracelsus, philosopher and phisitien'. ff.58-69.
7. 'Magnalia Dei optima maximi; or the privy seale of God's secrets, which upon paine of damnation is not unadvisedly to be broaken up nor revealed to any but with great care and many cautions'. ff.71b-72.
8. 'A book entitled Reformation of Errors, anonymo auctore'. ff.73-77.
Title of first chapter: 'The opinions of sundry learned philosophers concerning the materialls whereof they made their elixir or philosophers stone'.
Begins: 'Hermes sayth a body dissolved into water congealeth Mercury with a perpetual congealation'.
9. An Alchymical treatise entitled 'Mannah'. f.77b. Begins: 'I have purposed to myself to compose this short treatise having bin not onely an eye-witness but also an actor'.
f87 [A note found written in the house of Sr John York.]
f88-90 [Alphabetical index].
f91 [Recipes.]

MS. Sloane 2195.
Paper. Quarto. 127 folios. 17th Century.
Bound with MS. Sloane 2194.
Another volume of Alchymical collections by Sir Hugh Platt. Prefixed is a table of the Authors from which the volume is compiled. ff.1-127.

MS. Sloane 2198.
Paper. Quarto. 32 folios. 17th Century.
'The twelve gates of Sir George Ripley' - an alchymical poem, printed in Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum, under the title of 'The Compound of Alchymie'. ff.1-32.

MS. Sloane 2203.
Paper. Quarto. 269 folios. 17th Century.
Bound with MS. Sloane 2204.
6. 'Norton's Ordinall uppon the Philosophers' Stone compendiously abridged' - the the handwriting of Sir Hugh Platt. ff.91-97.
8. 'Selectiora e Magia Naturali Johannis Baptistae Portae' - necon 'Selectiora ex Alexi' - in the handwriting of Sir Hugh Platt. ff.100-102.
10. Copy of a letter from H.P. Miles to .... offering to communicate fourteen secrets in chemistry and alchymy. f.111.
13. 'Parallisme shewing that the regeneration of man and the purification of metall have like degrees of preparation and operation to their highest perfection'. ff.118.
14. 'Collectanea chymica et alchymica; intitulata Collections gathered out of several authors for my owne satisfaction'. ff.120-181.
15. Excerpta 'ex manuali Theophrasti Paracelsi. liber factus, Sept, 25, 1645'. ff.182-201.
16. 'Experimenta, reumque metamorphosis' Sir Hugh Platt. [In English.] ff.202-231.
17. Tractatus alchymicus Sec. XVI. ff.232-243.
Begins: 'In nomine Domini nostri Jesu Christi, Amen. Hic autem solvitur dictum Aristotelis 4to metheororum, cum dixit; Sciant autem artifices alchimiae quod species metallorum permutare non possunt'.

MS. Sloane 2208.
Paper. Small quarto. 92 folios. 17th Century.
Chymical and alchymical receipts and secrets. ff.1-92.

MS. Sloane 2212.
Paper. Octavo. 42 folios. 17th Century.
A few alchymical experiment and preparations, entitled 'Secreta selectiora of Sir Hugh Platt'. ff.1-42.

MS. Sloane 2218.
Paper. Quarto. 24 folios. 17th Century.
A treatise entitled 'A looking glasse for illiterate Alchymists'. ff.1-24.
Begins: 'Albeit I am not ignorant that Alchymy is a parte of Naturall and secret philosophy'.

MS. Sloane 2219.
Paper. Quarto. 29 folios. 17th Century.
1. A treatise entitled, 'The glorie of Light'. ff.1-20.
Begins: 'The trueth seemes buried because it brings forth little fruite'.
2. 'The mariage of the Elements, or how to set nature one worke'. ff.21-26.
Begins: 'Is it not propheticall that all men shall wisely consider'.
3. A few alchymical notes and observations. ff.27-29.

MS. Sloane 2220.
Paper. Octavo. 265 folios. 17th Century.
2. One hundred aphorisms containing the whole body of natural magic. ff.251b-265.

MS. Sloane 2222.
Paper. folio. 141 folios. 17th Century.
Formerly belonging to Robert Paston.
1. '[Greek] sive miscellanea ex varia auditione, visione, et diversorum experimentis hinc inde collecta et annotata in Gallia praesertium Lutetia annis, 1605, 1606, 1607, 1608, 1609, 1610, 1611 - oer The. Mayerne'. ff.1-127.
2. An alchymical treatise, entitled 'Manna'. ff128b-136.
3. 'A diarie and practike given by Mr Oughtred to Mr Thomas Henshaw, from whose manuscript I coppied itt, June the 6th 1668'. ff.136b-141.

MS. Sloane 2223.
Paper. Small quarto. 62 folios. 17th Century.
1. 'An abstract of all the theorique or practize concerning the vegetable or the animal stone taken out of Cornelius Agrippa de Occultis Philosophiae, here and there dispersedly'. [In Latin.] By Sir Hugh Platt. ff.1-17.
Signed: 'Exam. et approbat S. Harsnett'.
2. 'The author's censure uppon the chimicall preparations of D. Quercitanus and most of the other moderne writers and practizers', by Sir Hugh Platt. ff.18-24.
3. English translation of the abstracts of the discourse upon the Animal and Vegitable Stone, described above, art 1 - with a prefatory letter 'to the trew children of Hermes' Schoole', by Sir Hugh Platt. ff.25-47.
Signed: 'Examinat et approbat S. Harsnett'.
4. 'The touch-stone of Alchimie partlie drawne from the minerall and partlie from the animal vegetable stone', by Sir Hugh Platt. ff.48-52.
5. 'E Quercitano selectiora'. ff.53-56.
6. 'A theorie upon the vegitable and animall stone'. ff.57-59.
Signed: 'Examinat et approbat, S. Harsnett'.

MS. Sloane 2225.
Paper. Small quarto. 55 folios. 17th Century.
Treatise of Alchymy. ff.1-55.

MS. Sloane 2246.
Paper. Duodecimo. 100 folios. 17th Century.
In the handwriting of Sir Hugh Platt.
1. 'A theorique of H.P. [Hugh Platt] uppon the vegetable and animall stone'. ff.1b-10.
2. An alchymical treatise in three books:-
a. 'The vegetable work for fructification only, or for phisick, wrought without any plant at all only by aqua coelestis and mercury'. ff.11b-20.
b. 'Of the vegetable worke uppon any plant tendinge to physicke or fortification of Nature in Man'. ff.21-25.
c. 'Of the animall stone or quintessence'. ff.27-30.
3. 'An abstract of the theorie or practize concerning the vegetable or animal stone out of Cornelius Agrippa de occulta philosophia here and there dispersedly'. ff.31b-49.
4. 'Excerpa e Marcilii Ficini Medici de Vita libris tribus raptim'. ff.50-52.
5. 'A theory of the true and philosophicall preparation of vegetables for physicke, with the generall groundes of nature wherein the same is grounded'. ff.53-59.
6. 'The practize of the former theorie'. ff.60-91.
7. 'De secretis antimonii, per Alexandrum a Suchten medicina doctorem'. ff.92-100.

MS. Sloane 2322.
Paper, with ten folios in parchment. Quarto. 174 folios. 15th Century.
Olim fratris Johannis Hatfeld, postea Johannes Harte ex dono Johannis Eames.
3. [Rogeri Baconis] 'liber de famulata philosophiae ewangelistae domini nostri Jhesu Christi et puaperibus ewangelicis viris - Primus liber de consideratione quintae essentiae omnium rerum transmutabilium, in nomine Domini nostri Jhesu Christ'. ff.135-168.
Begins: 'Dixit Salomon Sapientiae Cap 7. Deus deedit mihi horum scientiam veram quae sunt, ut sciam dispositiones orbis terrarum et virtutem elementorum'.

MS. Sloane 2325.
Paper. Quarto with two parchment folios. 47 folios. 15th Century. quondam Johannis Dee.
1. 'Turba philosophorum', de arcano philosophorum. ff.1-6.
2. Breviloquium Johannis Pauperis, de lapide Philosophorum. ff.6b-11.
Begins: 'Testatur Gebar reverendus in libro lx Cap 12. quod tres sunt ordines medicinarum; primi. ordinis, medicina est quae super imperfecta corpora'.
3. 'Practica Rasis'. ff.12-14.
4. 'Liber Saturni'. ff.15-17.
5. 'Tractatus quidam brevis et levis'. f.17b.
Begins: 'Sciant artifices alkemye species vere permutare non posse, quod quidem verum est'.
6. Receptae alchemicae. ff.19b-21.
7. Arnaldi de Villa Nova Thesaurus Thesaurorum et Rosarius Philosophorum. ff.22-39. [Printed among the Works of Arnold de Villa Nova, in folio, Basil, 1585, folio 1993.]

MS. Sloane 2327.
Paper. Quarto. 58 folios. 14th Century.
Codex quondam Johannis Dee.
1. Arnaldi de Villa Nova liber de secretis naturae. f2-4.
Begins: 'Sol, Luna, azot sunt lapides nostri...'
2. 'Liber Hermetis de lapide philosophico.' f4v.
Begins: 'Dixit Hermes fratri suo, 'Pater, timeo ab inimico in mea mansione'...'
3. Aristotelis ad Alexandrum epistola. f5v.
4. 'Secunda confectio ex dictis Morieni Romani'. f6. [Printed in Manget Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa Vol I, f.518.]
5. 'Expositio imaginum Josephi.' f6-9.
6. 'Libri Alfidii de spiritu occultato.' f10.
7. 'Practica Rasis philosophi.' f10v.
8. 'Liber Merlini de expositione lapidis philosophici'. f11v.
9. 'Liber Vergilii de lapide philosophico.' f12v.
10. 'Liber Hermetis de transmutatione corporum, etc.' f14.
11. 'Opus minerale Hermetis.' f15-20.
12. 'Liber de lapide benedicto'. f16v.
13. 'De elixir lapidis benedicti.' f17.
14. 'Liber Morieni de expositione lapidis benedicti.' f17v.[ Printed in Manget Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa Vol I, p563.]
15. 'Quaedam expositio de lapide Philosophico.' f19v.
16. 'Dispositio sapientium.' f21v.
17. Merlini, alchemical verses. f22.
Begins: 'Est lapis occultus secreto fonte sepultus
Rupibus ex mundis consurgens rercus undis.'
18. 'Opus Bonifacii papae cum sequentibus lapidibus albedinis.' f23v.
19. Rogeris Baconis epistolae duae ad Johannem Parisiensem de separatione elementorum, et de mixtione. f25.
20. 'Fratris Raymundi [Galfridi] de leone viride verbum abbreviatum verissimum et approbatum de occultis enucleatum.' f27.
21. Tabulae smaragdinae Hermetis expositio ab Ortulanus. f28.
22. Opus fratris Bachonis (?). f30-33.
23. 'Liber Avicennae de 12 aquis preciosissimis majoribus.' f33.
24. 'Liber de modo praeparationis et calcinationis omnium metallorum.' f34.
25. 'Liber de diverso modo ignium.' Added in Dee's hand 'Bachonis fragmentum', and it is a fragment of the third letter of Bacon to Johannis Parisiensis, which is entitled 'de ponderibus'. f35.
26. 'Liber de speculo alkymiae' in seven chapters. f36.
27. 'Morienus de expositione specierum'. f38.
Printed in Manget Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa Vol I. p. 518.
28. Senioris Caled [Zadith?] filii Hahnul [Hamuel?] Tabula chymica. [Imperfect]. f39-57. [Printed in Theatrum Chemicum, 1622. Vol 5. p.219.]

MS. Sloane 2353.
Paper. Octavo. 11 folios. 17th Century.
In handwriting of Johannis Doddy, and bound with MS. Sloane 2370.
3. Chemical secrets. f.6-9.
4. Praeparationes chemicae, et receptae medicae. ff.10-95.

MS. Sloane 2355.
Paper. Oblong octavo. 184 folios. 17th Century.
Processus chymici, [partly in Latin partly in German]. ff.1-184.

MS. Sloane 2362.
Paper. Octavo. 80 folios. 17th Century.
Chemical receipts and processes. ff.1-80.

MS. Sloane 2382.
Paper. Quarto. 50 folios. 17th Century.
1. Extract on Alchymy, entitled, 'Extrait du discours fair par la deesse de la Sapience a...' In French. ff.1-10.
2. 'Extrait du second livre de Gulheaume de Pavia'. ff.11-24.
3. 'Pratique de leau de Rosée ou de pluye'. in 26 chapters. ff.24-40.
4. Alchymical extracts and observations. [In French.]. ff.41-50.

MS. Sloane 2385.
Paper. Quarto. 51 folios. 17th Century.
1. 'Extrait d'un livre intitulé Apologie de la Vie et des escritz du B. Raymond Lulle fait par M. Pevroquet, Preste'. ff.1-19.
2. 'L'art bref de M. Raymond Lulle L'abregé etc. l'introduction du grand art', with a prologue. ff.20-51.

MS. Sloane 2405.
Paper. Quarto. 106 folios. 17th Century.
1. Collectanea alchymica, ex Arnoldo de Villa Nova, Isaaco, Aristotele aliisque auctoribus excerpta. ff2-37, 48-57, 68b-103.
2. 'The mirrour of alchimie composed by the famous fryer Roger Bachon, sometime fellow of Martin Colledge and Brasennose Colledge in Oxenford'. ff. 39-47.
3. 'Lucations way the famous Italian to make artificiall stones and more perfected by Sr Locan a famous artist'. ff.58-60.

MS. Sloane 2416.
Paper. Folio. 132 folios. Written in 1446. 1. 'Ars magna Magistri Raymundi Lullii.' ff.1-123.
Printed among the Works of Lully, in quarto, Argent. 1617, p.218.
2. 'Ars brevis Raymondi Lullii'. ff.124-132. [Printed, ibid. p.1.]

MS. Sloane 2459.
Parchment. Quarto. 16 folios. 15th Century.
1. 'Istae sunt tres ordines secundum Geberem'. f.1.
2. 'Tractatus Maria Prophetissae'. f.1b.
Printed in Artis Aurifabrae, vol.1, Basil. Octavo, 1610 (?).
3. Processus et experimenta chymica. ff.3-9.
4. 'De proprietatibus et qualitatibus quarundam herbarum et lapidum secundum Aristotelem' - tractatulus alchemicus. [Imperfect]. ff.9b-16.
Extracted from a book of Aristotle, which is entitled 'Secreta Secretorum' edit. Par. quarto, 1520. folio 36.

MS. Sloane 2476.
Parchment. Quarto. 68 folios. 15th Century.
Johannis Dastin tractatus hermetici: scilicet:-
1. Tractatus cui titulus 'Visio'. f.1.
Exstat impressi in 'Harmoniae Chymico-Philosophicae decade II, collecta studio Johannis Rhenani', Francof. 1625. p.301.
2. 'Super arte Alcumistica'. f.3.
Begins: 'Deus igitur gloriosus cui sit laus gloria virtusque, qui duos lapides preciosos ex una radice progenitos gratis contulit nobis'.
3. 'De natura metallorum'. ff.4-9.
Begins: 'Summa venerationis dignissimo patri domino Neopolioni Sancti Adriani inclito cardinali suus J.S. sincerum in secretis naturae judicium et votivum spiritum intellectus. Cum dignum sit dignis secreta pandere digniora vos dignorum dignissimum ut sapientiae amantissimum conjugem'.
4. 'Carmen de lapide philosophorum'. f.10.
Begins: 'Accipe lapidem sanctum et ejus additamentum
Et sublimationem horum substanciam bonam'.
5. 'Rosarium secretissimum philosophorum arcanum comprehendens'. ff.11-23.
Printed, quarto Geismar, 1647.
6. 'Secretum secretorum'. ff.24-39.
Begins: 'Universa divina bonitatis opera circularia sunt et perfecta ad ipsum aquo prodierunt sperica rotata'.
7. 'Sapientum aurinum'. ff.40-48.
Begins: 'Summa venerationis excellentissimo patri domino Neapoloni Sancti Adriani dignissimo cardinali sapientiae amantissimo conjugi, suus Johannes Dastyn, rudis clericus sed fidelis, sincerum in naturae secretis judicium et votivum spiritum intellectus. Cum dignum sit dignis secreta pandere digniora vos dignorum dignissimum ut virtutis speculum praelucidum et liberalium arcium'.
8. 'Speculum philosophiae', de compositione lapidis preciosi. ff.48b-68.
Begins: 'Venerabili in Christo patri domino Neopoloni Sancti Adriani diacono cardinali suus Johannes Dastyn se pronum ad pedum oscula beatorum. desiderii vestu sagicitati desideratum offero librum breviter abbreviatum verissimum'.

MS. Sloane 2477.
Parchment. Quarto. 33 folios. End of 13th Century.
Bernardi Silvestri libri duo; quibus tituli Megacosmos et Microcosmus; mundi expositionem continentes. [Partly in verse, partly prose].
Prologue begins: 'In hujus operis primo libro qui Megacosmos. i.e. major mundus vocatur, Natura ad Noym i.e. Dei providentiam, de pre... materie. i.e. Yles, confusione querimoniam quasi lacrimis agit'.
Epistle begins: 'Terrico veris scientiarum titulis doctori famosissimo Bernardus Silvester opus suum. Aliquandiu fateor sensu mecum secretore quaesivi utrum opusculum meum in amicas aures traderem'.
First book begins:
'Congeries informis adhuc cum silva teneret
Sub veteri confusa globo primordia rerum,
Visa Deo natura queri, mentemque profundam
Compellasse Noym vite viventis ymago'.

MS. Sloane 2479.
Parchment. Small quarto. 107 folios. 12-15th Centuries. 14. 'Theorica alkamie a Magister Arnoldi de Villa Nove compilata'. 14th Century. ff.77-80.

MS. Sloane 2480.
Paper. Folio. 128 folios. 17th Century.
'Speculum philosophiae Johannis Dastyn'. ff.1-128.
Begins: 'Trinitatem adorantes omnia super tria ponimus quam hoc trinario numero unum Deum colimus, dando, sacrificando et orando'.

MS. Sloane 2494.
Paper. Folio. 14 folios. 17th Century.
Formerly belonging to P.A. Vidonius Pistoriensis.
A cabalistic treatise, in Italian, entitled 'de Cabella intellectiva'. ff.1-14.
Begins: 'L'oppinione non solo dell'antichi sabini e d'altri sapienti Ebrei ma anco di nostri dottori che, obtre la lege che Dio diedele a Moise nel mentre recevete anco doppia legge'.

MS. Sloane 2503.
Paper. Folio. 123 folios. 17th Century.
1. Collection of alchemical processes. ff.1-16.
2. A second collection of alchemical processes, in a different hand. ff.17-22.
3. A third collection of alchemical processes. ff.23-37.
4. A fourth collection of alchemical processes. ff.38-51.
5. A fifth collection of alchemical processes. ff.52-61.
6. A treatise of the Terrestrial Heaven, by Wencelaus Lavinius of Moravia. ff.62-64.
Translated from the Latin, which is printed with the Cheiragogia Heliana of Nichilaus Niger Happelius, Marpurgi Cattor. Octavo, 1612.
7. Treatise on the Cabala. ff.65-74.
Begins: 'The Caball is a symbolicall Receptio of that divine revelatione sent from above, whereby the ancients were enabled to contemplate God and comprehende the separate formes'.
12. Alchemical treatise in verse. f.106.
The commencement is wanting.
Ends: 'And that he wylle for one of hys, on domys day me Kenne,
And graunte me in hys blysse to rayne for ever withe hym. Amen'.
13. Table or figure probably illustrative of the preceding article, and entitled Coelum Philosophorum. f.106b.
The following verses are written at the top:-
'Here followith the figure conteyning all
The secretys off thys tretys bothe grete and smalle'.
14. Table of the origin and relations of stones, metalls and elixirs, according to Raymund Lully. f.107.

MS. Sloane 2517.
Paper. Quarto. 91 folios. 17th Century.
3. Alchemical verses, 'out of an old Manuscript of Ripley's works'. f.17.
Begins: 'In the head they work must be begun.
If in the heart thou wilt have done.'
4. 'Cabala, speculum Artis et naturae in Alchimia'. ff17b-22.
Printed by Andrea Erffurt, sumptibus Johannis Web, Bib. Aug. anno 1654.
7. 'Documents of the practice'. - alchemical notes. ff.36-37.
8. 'Lettre d'un Philosophe sur de secrett du grande ouvre ecrite au sujet des instructions qu' Aristeé a laissees à son fils, touchant le Magisterie Philosophique', 1688. ff.38-48.
Begins: 'J'ay recu monsieur, la lettre que vous in'avez fait l'honneur de m'ecrire depuis vostre retour en Pologne'.
The following note occurs at the end of the letter 'Le nim de l'Auteur en Latin divis cest anagramme 'Dives sicut ardens, s' '.
10. 'Poeme philosophique concernant le grand oeuvre, 1698'. ff.52-62.
'Depuis l'illustre jour qu'aux yeux de cent rivallez
Ma meuse ent un success qui me combla d'hommeur
Et cens demi dieux jaloux de mon bonheur
Virent en ma faveur vos mains tres liberallez'.
11. 'Le vray livre de la pierre philosophale du Doct. Synesius, abbe Grec, tire de la Bibliotheque de l'Empereur'. 1612. ff.63-71.
12. 'De vera medicina viri clarissimi Alexandri a Suchten, philosophiae et medicinae doctoris ad Carolum Salisburgensem elegia'. ff.71b-83.
Printed Hamburgi, in octavo, 1621.
13. Alchemical notes, in a letter from Willielmus de Roe, to Dr S...., 1633. ff.83b-85.
Begins: 'The compendium Dear S.... that I have extracted out of your 2 little bookes to our purpose is this-'.
The following note is written in the MS. against the name 'Willielmus de Roe' - 'This was author of the book, Chymica Vannus, printed in Holland, 1666'.

MS. Sloane 2523B. A roll 5920mm X 460mm. 16th Century.
'Rotulum Hieroglyphicum Pantarva Philosophorum Georgii Riplea, Eq. Aur'. [Ripley Scroll.]

MS. Sloane 2524A. 2770mm X 460mm. 16th Century.
A similar roll to MS. Sloane 2523B. {Ripley Scroll.]

MS. Sloane 2528.
Paper. Quarto. 178 folios. 16th Century.
1. Excerpta ex Artis Chymiae Collectaneorum de Philosophorum lapide, per Janum Lacinium Calabrum Minoritam, libris tertio, quarto et quinto. f2-43.
2. Various alchemical processes. f43v-49.
3. 'Ein sonderlich werck vom einem Cardinall gerarbeidett und getseilltt ysn vi capitell de Lapide Philosphorum'. f49v-65.
4. 'Ex dialogo cui titulus est Lignum Vitae; in quo etiam Gebrii philosophi expositio succinctae. Italice compositus ab experto et docto Sene Johanne Bracesio Brixiano, nunc primum vero ab ejus authographo in Latinum versus, a G. Gratorolo physico; cujus interlocutores sunt Discipulus artis et Raimundus.' f66-89.
At end : 'Complevi in vigilia Pasche anno 1585.'
5. Excerpta 'ex diologo veram et genuinam librorum Gebri sententiam applicante' cujus interlocutores sunt Demogorgon et Geber.' f89v-96.
6. 'Ex animadversione Roberti Taulaedani Aquitani in Johannum Braceschum Gebri interpretem.' f97-107.
7. 'Ex libello cui est titulus Ars Chemica, quae sit licita recte exercentibus.' f107v-109.
8. Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis Trismegisti peri ChmeiaV: incerto autore.' f109v-110.
9. 'Ex libro Consilii Conjugii de Massa Solis et Lunae' - 'Anno Domini 1585, 14 die post Martini Episcopi: Eimbeck.' f110v-133.
10. Excerpta ex opere Alexandri a Suchten, cui titulus est Liber unus de secretis Antimonii, et ex praefatione Michaelis Toxites, Medici Argentoratensis.' f134-150.
11. 'Viri clarissimi Alexandri a Suchten Philosophiae et medicinae doctoris as Christogonum Sophistam Elegia.' f151.
12. Various processes. f152-156.
13. 'Ex dialogo de Arte Chimica dictus [sic] Chrisorrheas; cujus interlocutores sunt Chrisophilus et Theophrastus.' f157-162.
14. Aus dem Holtz büchlin, darinnen gründtlich der rechte Hütz und Gebräuch des Frantzosen Holtzes [Lignum guaiacum] wirt angezeit ab Authore Theophrasto Paracelso. f163.
15. 'Von den grossen Krefftenn [Kräften] unnd Tügendenn des Auri potabilis, unnd von seiner preparation. Anno 1599.' f166v.
16. Von dem Auro Philosophico undt seinen Krefftenn [Kräften]. f170.
17. 'Auri Diaphoretici descriptio vera.' [German.] f172.
18. 'Paracelsus de Podagra'. An abstract in German. f173v.
19. De Luna et Argento Philosophico undt seiner Krefftenn. f174v.

MS. Sloane 2529.
Paper. Quarto. 34 folios. 17th Century.
[English translation of the Rosarium of Toletanus. The original is printed in the third volume of the Theatrum Chemicum.]

MS. Sloane 2532.
Paper. Quarto. 91 folios. 17th Century.
1. The poem of Thomas Norton entitled 'The Ordinal of Alchemy'. ff.1-50.
Printed in Ashmole, p.1.
2. 'The practis of Zakaer under an Allegorical speeche'. ff.51-58.
Begins: 'The philosophers and true cosmographers have least by writinge'.
3. 'A declaration of certayne philosophicall words or sayinges'. f.59.
Begins: 'Nature rejoiceth in her nature, that is, the bodie lovethe his bodie'.
4. 'Zakaries projection upon all imperfect mettals'. f. 60.
5. 'The theoricke of Treverencis'. ff.61-65.
Begins: 'Aristotle and divers others of the philosophers saye that there shall never remayne.'
6. 'Traverences of the raysons of mettals'. ff.65b-73.
Begins: 'God made in the begynynge one confused matter without anye order'.
7. Geber his testament; in English. ff.74-76.
8. 'The Campe of philosophie', or Bloomefield's Blossoms. ff.77-85.
Printed in Ashmole, p305.
9. The first 73 stanzas of a poem entitled Pater Sapientiae. ff.86-91.
Printed in Ashmole, p.194.

MS. Sloane 2543.
Paper. Quarto. 69 folios. 17th Century.
2. Tractatus alchemicus. ff.55-69.
Begins: 'Invocato nomino divino, et implorato ejus auxilio' etc 'Quia multi miris et mercurialibus ingeniis gestiunt quaerere'.

MS. Sloane 2544.
Paper. Quarto. 59 folios. 17th Century.
1. 'The light and dark sides of God; or a plane and brief discourse of the light side - God, Heaven and Angels - the dark side - Divill, Sin and Hell; as also of the Resurrection and Scripture; all which are set forth in there siverall natures and Beings according to the spirituality of the Scriptures: first written by Jacob Banthumley, and after coppied out by Benjamin Antrobus, minor, 1655'. ff.1-53.
Reversing the volume.
2. A mystical figure 'of the Philosophique Globe, or Eye of the wonders of Eternity or Looking glass of Wisdom - with an exposition'. ff.59b-54.

MS. Sloane 2547.
Paper. Quarto. 53 folios. 17th Century.
1. Tractatus 'de chimia seu chimiatura' in 73 chapters with preface. ff.2-42.
Preface begins: 'Generatim ac veluti compendiario quodam sermone per tractaturus'. [First Chapter begins: 'Chimia est ars ab Altissimo creata, et in natura collecta'. Ends: 'Finis tractatiuli chimici D.D.H.E'.]
3. 'Nota mineralium et aliarum rerum chymicarum'. f.46.
4. Index tractatus de chimia seu chimiatura praememorati. f.47.

MS. Sloane 2557.
Paper. Quarto. 50 folios. 17th Century.
Bound with MS. Sloane 2558.
3. Excerpta chimica ex Paracelso. Mylio et aliis. ff.17-26.

MS. Sloane 2558.
Paper. Quarto. 66 folios. 17th Century.
'The Marrow of Alchemy, being an experimental Treatise discovering the secret and most hidden mystery of the Philosopher's Elixir; divided into two parts' by Eirenaeus Philoponos Philalethes. ff.1-66. [Printed in octavo, London, 1654-5.]
'It is supposed, Eireneus Philalethes' name was Bartlet, who was acquainted with Dr Child'.

MS. Sloane 2559.
Paper. Quarto. 90 folios. 17th Century.
1. 'Physicall notes taken out of divers authors' - viz. Lemnius Levinus de Complexionibus, Garcaeus, Grataralus de Memoria, Sir Thomas Eliot, Castle of Health. ff.1-41.
2. 'A briefe collection out of divers authors, concerning the composition of aurum potabile'. ff.41-46.
3. 'Notae aliquot ex Martino Rulando de Luc Ungarica excerptae'. ff.46b-62.

MS. Sloane 2560.
Parchment. Quarto. 18 folios. 214x158mm. 15th Century.
Opusculum alchemicum, cui est titulus 'Major Scientia' ex operibus Arnaldi de Villa Nova et aliorum compositum. ff.1-18.
Begins: 'Qui desiderat artis philosophice scientie majoris cognicionem verissimam habere, libellum hunc diligentius inspiciat.'

MS. Sloane 2567.
Paper. Quarto. 152 folios. 16th and 17th Centuries. 1. Fragment of an alchemical treatise [16th Century.] ff.4-8.
2. Chemical and alchemical receipts [16th Century.] ff.8b-10.
3. English translation of the Testamentum of Arnoldus de Villa Nova. [17th Cent.] ff.11-15.
4. 'The royal work of Charles the VIth, King of France' - being the revelation of mysteries in alchemy, declared in a vision. ff.17-22.
Begins: 'Charles by the grace of God, King of France, Lord of Lords, the disciple of phylosophy and secretary of the soveraigne Divinity - Of a well-willing mind like a true father, without dissimulation, I will discover to you, my dear children, the profound secrets of my heart'.
5. 'An elucidation of Ripley's Compound of Alchimy by Mr Parney' - inscribed to my R. Hunt. ff.23-33.
6. 'A work of [Moon/Silver] after Rasis'. f.34.
7. Versus alchymici sub nomine Merlini. ff.36-38.
Begins: 'Est Lapis occultus secrete fonte sepultus
Rupibus ex mundis consurgens argenteis undis'.
8. 'Certaine chymicall workes, with true practice gathered into a true method, by Edward Norvell' - in verse.
9. 'The words of father Aristeus to his son, done out of the Scythian character or language into Latin Rhyme', translated into English verse. ff.63-68.
Begins: 'And now, my son, first having given to thee
The proper maxims of philosophy'.
10. Chymical processes. [16th Century.] ff.70-76.
11. De chemia carmen. ff.78-125.
Begins: 'Si quis inexpertus chemie tractaverit unquam
Me legat, et, lecto carmine, doctus erit'.
12. Alchymical processes. ff.126-129.
13. Commencement of a treatise on the Urim and Thummin. f.130.
14. A manifestation of the Heavenly Jerusalem, 'begun, Thursday, January 8th 1684'. ff.132-152.
Cf. other copies in MSS. Sloane 2517 and 2518. folio 24.

MS. Sloane 2573.
Paper. Folio. 60 folios. 17th Century.
A volume of papers, entitled by Sir Hans Sloane, 'Rich. Jones Collections about Alchymy, etc'.
1. 'Verba Aristaei patris ad filium ex caractere et idiomate Schitico-Latino rithmo donata'. f.2.
Begins: 'Rerum tibi omniium jam cognitione
Explanata vivendi atque ratione'.
2. Portions of a treatise on the art of transmuting metals, with processes, etc. ff.3-52.
3. Fragment of an alchemical treatise in verse. ff.53-57.
Ending: 'But earths refined made pure by stars and sun,
Which matter turns to light and light infuse'.
4. 'Mr Harris 'process for fixing [Mercury] into [Gold]' communicated to him by an Italian painter, Peter Gonsalvo'. f.52.

MS. Sloane 2577A.
Paper. Octavo. 125 folios. End of 17th Century.
Collections of Richard Jones:-
3. An alchymical poem, with corrections. ff.13-22.

MS. Sloane 2577B.
Paper. Octavo. 119 folios. End of 17th Century.
Collections by Richard Jones:-
1. The fourth book of Occult Philosophy, by Henry Cornelius Agrippa; translated into English by Robert Turner. ff.2-22.
Printed in quarto, London, 1665.
2. The prologue and a portion of the first chapter of the Heptameron, or Magical Elements of Peter de Abano; translated by the same.

MS. Sloane 2579.
Parchment. Small Quarto. 117 folios. 15th Century.
1. De septem artibus liberalibus tractatus, cui titulus 'Secretum Philosophorum' ff.2-47.
Prologue begins: 'Iste liber quem prae manibus habes vocatur Secretum Philosophorum, quia in eo continentur..'.
Treatise begins: 'Grammatica docet recte scribere er recte loqui, ex quo patet quod dividitur in duas partes.' Desinit abrupte ad capitulum de arte metrica, cum his verbis: 'Et quia in partibus nostris talibus instrumentis nullus utitur, propterea de profundymetria ulterius no procedam'.
2. Tractatus de quatuo elementis. ff.47-50.
Begins: 'Quatuor sunt elementa - ignis, aqua, terra et aer'.
3. Processus chymici, recepta et experimenta plurima. ff.50-99.

MS. Sloane 2585.
Paper. Small quarto. 120 folios. 17th Century.
2. 'Lucerna Salis Philosophorum' etc - 'a J.F.H.S. filio Sendivogii, cujus nomen dat hoc anagramma 'Sit! Pischon horti Aeden tuto fruar' '. f8-89. Impress Amstelodami, 1658.
3. A treatise of the Philoosopher's Stone, entitled 'Manna'. f90-105.
Begins: 'I have proposed to myself to write this short treatise, haveing been not only an eye wittness but also an actour of such mystereyes of nature as the world is not worthy of.'
4. 'Annotationes quaedam ex medulla Alchmimiae edita per Georgium Sterkey M.D. Bristoensis - Author Gabriell Plater'. [In English]. f.106-108.
5. 'Dialogus (in Lucerna Salis) preparationes Lapidis Philosophici amplius detegens'. ff.109-114.

MS. Sloane 2594.
Paper. Small quarto. 43 folios. 17th Century.
Bound with MS. Sloane 608.
1. Treatise of Angels, by John Salkeld. ff.1-17.
3. 'The mystical divinity of Dionysius the Areopagite, written to Timothy'. ff.30-34.

MS. Sloane 2598.
Paper. Oblong quarto. 137 folios. 16th Century.
1. The compound of Alchemy by George Ripley. ff.1-71.
Printed in Ashmole. p.107.
2. 'The booke of Aqua Vitae everlasting'. ff.72-83.
Begins: 'In the name of the Holy Trinitie, Amen. Brethren serching the syence of Alkamy, serche you no further, but only that the wyse philosophers hathe sought.'
3. Translation of the Testamentum of Raymundus Lully. ff.84-98.
4. 'The worke of crystall, berral, and corroll'. ff.99-110.
Begins: 'Ryghte deare frende, ye shall understand that to the worship of God and for more understanding and knowing of Kyndes, althoughe I be unconning of the symple understanding of naturall philosophie',
5. Extract from an Alchemical treatise entitled 'Speculum Elementorum' in English. ff.110b-115.
6. 'A treatise of waters, and then of oylles, by Raymond' [Lully]. ff.115b-122.
Begins: 'Son, ther be 2 waters mynerall, drawne out of one parte of nature, in the which consistethe all the secret of the mynerall stone'.
7. English translation of Raymond Lully's 'Apertorium de veri lapidis compositione'. ff.125-131.
8. A short extract from Raymund Lully's works. ff.132-133.
9. 'The alpha beta of Vade Mecum'. f.134b.
10. Essay on the alchemical principal - written in a more recent hand. f.137.
The following note of the age of this Codex occurs at fol.136b: 'In the fyrst yere of the raygne of our soveraygne lady Elyzabethe, by the grace of God Quiene of Yngland France and Ireland, defender of the afythe, and in the Erthe the supreme head of the spiritualty and temporalty under God, etc, the xvi of Desembar, in the rere of Christes Incarnation 1558, was this booke made'.

MS. Sloane 2599.
Paper. Folio. 49 folios. Beginning of 18th Century.
1. A work in cipher, entitled 'Liber misteriorum sextus et sanctus' with tables [Parts of Dr Dee's work on Angels, copied from MS. Sloane 3189.] ff. 1-45.
2. Preface and notes by John Michael Faustius, to the 'Introitus apertus ad occulsum Regis Palatium, a Philaletha', discussing the subject of the real name and the country of the author Philalethes. ff.46-49.

MS. Sloane 2602.
Paper. Octavo. 108 folios. 17th Century.
'Tractatus de Sulphure; per Michaelem Sendivogium.' ff.1-108.
Exstat impress Coloniae, 1616.

MS. Sloane 2612.
Paper. Octavo. 106 folios. 17th Century.
3. 'Kalendarium naturale magicum perpetuum, profundissimam rerum secretissimarum contemplationem totiusque philosophiae cognitionem complectens.' ff.42-106.

MS. Sloane 2617.
Paper. Octavo. 76 folios. 17th Century.
1. Of the necessity of the sophick Mercury for the work of the Elixir. ff.1-14.
3. Chemical processes. ff.66-68.

MS. Sloane 2623.
Paper. Octavo. 125 folios. 17th Century.
15. 'Michaelis Sendivogii Poloni Lumen chymicum Novum' translated into English. ff.89-125.

MS. Sloane 2624.
Paper. Oblong quarto. 29 folios. 17th Century.
Bound with MS. Sloane. 3345.
Common-place Book of Edwards Edwards, 1675; containing:
1. 'Nicholas Flamell's Summary of Philosophy'. ff.2-9.
2. 'Thesaurus Thesaurorum; sive Medicina Aurea'; with the copy of a letter signed B addressed to Mr Bosvile, and acquainting him with the high value of the MS. ff.10-15.
Begins: 'many and great are the secrets of nature, and concerning them and the way to obtaine them the philosophers wrote much.'
3. Elegantiae quaedam de opere philosophico ex MS. Aquila Thuringi. f.16.
4. 'Ex epistolis Eduardi Kellii Angli, datis Trebone, 9 Augusti, 1597, et 20 Junii 1587'. ff.17-20.
5. Recepta chemica. ff.21-23.
6. 'The privy seal of God's secretts which upon pain of damnation is not unadvisedly to be broken up nor revealed, but with great care and many cautions'. ff.24-29.
Begins: 'To omitt circumstances, the first matter of which the philosopher's stone is to be had and taken.'

MS. Sloane 2639.
Paper. Folio. 22 folios. 17th Century.
Bound with MS. Sloane 2503.
1. The treatise of 'Salomon Trismosin Paracelsus's Master', entitled 'the Golden Fleece or the Flower of Treasures; wherein there is succinctly treated of the Stone of the Philosophers, of its excellence, effects and admirable vertue; furthermore of its Originall, and of the true means to be able to attain to its prefection' translated partly from the German into French by L.J. and into English from the French edition printed in Paris, by C.Silvestre, in 1613. ff.1-6.
2. 'Splendor Solis, or the Brightness of the Sun; of the original of the Philosopher's Stone, and how it is finished by Art; translated from the German'. ff.7-22.

MS. Sloane 2640.
Parchment Roll, of one membrane. 16th Century.
The process of the philosopher's stone, by Thomas Charnock.
The following note occurs at the foot of the Roll: 'Thomas Charnock of Stokeland, Bristow, who travelled all the realm of England over for to obtain unto the secrets of this science, which, as God would, he did attain unto, anno Domini 1555; as it appeareth more plainly in the Book which I dedicated unto Queen Elizabeth of England'. - 'Born at Feversham in Kent, 1526'.

MS. Sloane 2681.
Paper. Folio. 333 folios. 17th Century.
1. An alchymical work, teaching how to make the stone of the Sun and of the Moon. [In French.] ff.1-40.
2. Alchymical processes. [In French.] ff.40b-45.
3. La lumiere chymique extraiete de la fontaine de la Nature; et de manuelle experiense divisee en douze chapitres: avec le quelle est adjoutte ung dialogue dum chimist, de Mercure et Nature: Anno 1608. [In French.] ff.46-68.
4. 'Les troiz livrs d'Augurele de sa chrysopee, cest a dire de faire lor; contenant plusieurs choses naturelles: traduictz de Augurel de Aurelle, poette Latin par feu Herbert de Berry, 1549'. ff.68-85.
Printed at Paris, Octavo, 1626.
5. 'La turbe des philosophes, qui est appelle le code de veritte eu lart de livre duquel livre Pithagoras a ensemble les parolles de ses disciples les plus sages et de Aristenus.' ff.86-4.
Begins: 'Dit Aristenus Je vous dis que mon maitre Pitagoras est le pie des ages maistres des prophestes'.
6. Chemical, alchemical and medical receipts. [In French.] ff.95-194.

MSS. Sloane 2698-2715.
Series of Manuscripts by Christian Amouraeus (otherwise Peter Moritz) in German.

MS. Sloane 2749.
Paper. Duodecimo. 202 folios. 17th Century.
fuit R Middleton Massey M.D., anno 1721.
Commentarius in Horapollinis Hieroglyphica; auctore quodam caron (ut putatur), ministro Ecclesiae Gallicannae in Thorney. ff.2-212.
An index to subjects and names has been added.

MS. Sloane 2758.
Paper. Quarto. 112 folios. 17th Century.
2. 'Steganographia: hoc est, ars per occultam scripturam animi sui voluntatem absentibus aperiendi certa; authore et clarissimo Johanne Trithemio [Abate Spanheimensi]'. ff.45-112.
Exstat impressus quarto Darmstadii, 1621.

MS. Sloane 2764.
Paper. Quarto. 223 folios. 16th and 17th Centuries. 10. Alchemical verses, and verses upon a portrait and other subjects- the authors being unknown. [In French]. f.11.
120. 'Secretum Alchymicum, incerti auctoris, ec liberatitate Nicolai Barnauldi Delfinatis Galli'. f.108.
Begins: 'Quid faciat lapidem, claruis respondit Apollo'.
130. 'Incerti carmen continens totum mysterium Lapidis Philosophi'. f.118.
Idem de quo fit mentio supra ad art. 120.
190. Clavis in libros Stenographicos Johannis Trithemii, Abbatis Spanheimensis: ab ipso auctore conscripta. f.198.
Printed quarto Darmstad, 1621.

MS. Sloane 2853.
Paper. Quarto. 98 folios. 17th Century.
Processus chymici sub [G.W.?] Wedelii ductu laborati anno 1689, cum indice. ff.1-98.

MS. Sloane 2874.
Paper. Folio. 12 folios. 17th Century.
A Cabalistic table of numbers for solving certain questions; with a short preface in Italian.

MS. Sloane 2927.
Paper. Quarto. 12 folios. 17th Century.
Treatise 'of the sun, the moon and starres; of blazing starres and comets, meteors, ignis fatuus, ignis lambens'. ff.1-12.

MS. Sloane 2933.
Paper. Quarto. 212 folios. 17th Century.
1. 'Gondran Interruption du Sommeil cabalistique ou le devoillement des tableaux mystiques de l'antiquité ou la chrysologie chymique, en trois livres'
2. Traité d'alchymie 'ex Anonymo sur la rosée adressé as son fils'. ff.182-208.
3. 'Discource sur le rosée et sur la terre'. ff.209-212.

MS. Sloane 2946.
Parchment. Folio. 217 folios. Damaged at end. 13th Century.
1. Practices Pantechni Isaaci Judaei (sive, ut quidam volunt, Constantini Africani) libri decem; ex lingua Arabica in latinam versi. Desiderantur capitula duo priora libri primi. ff.1-105.
Exstant impress apud ipsius Isaac Opera Omnia ed. Lugd. fol 1515. Vol. II. f.1.
2. Abubeti Rhasis filii Zachariae liber, cui est titulus Almansor; 'translatus a magistro Giraldo [Gerardo] Cremonensi in Toleto de Arabico in latinum.' ff.106-176.
Exstat imprsssu inter alia Rhasis Aopera; ed Venetiis, fol 1497.
3. 'Liber Divisionum [Rhasis ejusdem] translatus a magistro Gerardo Cremonensi in Toleto de Arabico in Latinum'. Constat ex duabus partibus, scilicet Practica et Antidotatio. ff.177-203.
Exstat impressus ibidem, f60b.
4. 'Canon quem scripsit Alquazar Abualae Zor, filius Abimeleth, filii Zor imperatori Saracenorum Hali filio Josephi, filii Tesiphim, de curatione lapidis'. f.203.
Exstat impress. inter spurio galeni libra, et cum parvis Rhais opusculis, Venetiis, folio, 1497.
5. Gerardi Bituricensis commentatius in Isaaci Judaei, sive (ut quidam volunt) Constantini Africani, libros VII de morborum cognitione et curatione, quibus est titulus 'Viaticum'. [Imperfect.] ff.205-208b.
Begins: 'Cum omne elementorum et ex elementis corpus generatum in materia communitatem habeat'.
Desinit abrupto ubi de phenesi apostemate celebry agitur [Lib. I. cap. XVIII] cum his verbis - 'sed dico materias ubique dispersas esse per totum; differunt autem.' Cf. MSS. Sloane 342 and 3096 art 2.
6. Tractatus de philosophia, ubi agitur, 'quid sit philosophiae et quare sic dicatur; deinde, quid sit ejus intentio et quid finis; postea quae partes ejus, et quae partes partium; ad ultimum quid circa unam quamque earum sit considerandum', auctore Isaaco philosopho. ff.209-216.
Prologue begins: 'Felix prior etas que tot sapientes p..... tenebras irradiavit.' Chap I begins: 'Philosophi vero philosophiam duabus descriptionibus descripserunt; quarum una sumpta sit'.
Colophon: 'Explicit hos opus a domino Gundissalini apud Tholetum editum, [agens?] de assingnanda causa ex qua orte sunt sciencie philosophice et ordo eorum et disciplina'.

MS. Sloane 2947.
Parchment. Folio. 97 folios. End of 14th Century.
1. Abubetri Rhasis, filii Zachariae, liber medicus, cui est titulus Almansor, ex lingua Arabica in Latinam versus a magistro Gerardo Cremonensi: desideratis parte tabulae capitulorum, et titulo cap. primi tractatus primi. ff.2-66.
Exstat impress inter alia quaedam ejusdem Rhasis opera. ed. Fol. Ven. 1497. f.1.
2. 'Liber Divisionum [ejusdem Rhasis] translatus a Gerardo Cremonensi in Tolleto de Arabico in Latinum'. ff. 67-97.
Exstat. Impress. ibidem. f.60b.

MS. Sloane 2958.
Paper. Quarto. 326 folios. 17th Century.
Gulielmi Postelli collectanea.
[11 items].

MS. Sloane 2959.
Paper. Folio. 122 folios. 17th Century.
Gulielmi Postelli collectanea et epistola.
[11 items].