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Articles in Chymia

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Forbes, R.J. Was Newton an Alchemist? [2]

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Ganzenmuller, W. Zukunftsaufgaben der Geschichte der Alchemie. [4]

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Hirsch, Rudolf. The Invention of Printing and the Diffusion of Alchemical and Chemical Knowledge. [3]

Hooykaas, R. The Experimental Origin of Chemical Atomic and Molecular Theory before Boyle. [2]

Horne, R.A. Aristotlean Chemistry. [11]

Ihde, Aaron J. Alchemy in Reverse: Robert Boyle on the Degradation of Gold. [9]

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Levey, Martin. The Aqrabadhin of al-Kindi and Early Arabic Chemistry. [8]

Levey, Martin. A Preliminary Study of Arabic Chemical Technology. [7]

Levey, Martin. Chemistry in the Kitab Al-Sumum (Book of Poisons) by Ibn Al-Wahshiya. [9]

Levey, Martin. Early Muslim Chemistry: It Debt to Ancient Babylonia. [6]

Levey, Martin. The Refining of Gold in Ancient Mesopotamia. [5]

Levey, Martin. Arabic Minerology of the Tenth Century. [12]

Levey, Martin. Some Black Inks in Early Mediaeval Jewish Literature. [9]

Levey, Martin. Medieval Arabic Minting of Gold and Silver Coins. [12]

Levey, Martin. Chemical Notions of an Early Ninth Century Christian Encyclopedist. [11]

Levey, Martin. Alberuni and Indian Alchemy. [7]

Miles, Wyndham. Sir Kenelm Digby, Alchemist, Scholar, Courtier and Man of Adventure. [2]

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Taylor, F. Sherwood. The Argument of Morien and Merlin - An English Alchemical Poem. [1]