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Hermetic/alchemical meditation

I originally worked on this series of Hermetic/alchemical meditation exercises about 20 years ago and they were originally published in the early issues of the Hermetic Journal 1978-81. They were the foundation for a elaborate system of meditative exercises, based on alchemical and hermetic ideas, which I was working on at that time. - Adam McLean

1. The Philosophic Egg or Retort
2. Separatio and Coniunctio
3. Solve et Coagula
4. The Ouroboros
5. The Hermaphrodite
6. Mercurius or the Caduceus
7. Sol and Luna
8. The Heart Centre
9. The Soul Bird
10. The processes of Nature - four elements
11. The processes of Nature - growth
12. The processes of Nature - fruiting process