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P.O.N. Seminars 1992

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The Caraway Stone

Lecturer: Jean Dubuis
Translator: Patrice Malézé
Commentary by Russ House is indicated as [RH: ...]

This stone is of this level Hod (points to Mercury sephirah level 8). Marc will explain later on how to make it. What can be said now is that this stone is made on the sulfur crystallized in the system, which we call in France, Rhombohedric. If you want the correspondence Lucille will give it to you the English name of the system. [RH: The system is 'rhombohedral' in English].

The crystals are imbibed with the essential oils of caraway. The essential oil has been rectified several times and imbibation is done on Wednesday morning just after sunrise. When the stone is done it's white, and this stone (given this morning) has come to the red (color) because it has 2 years in the incubator. This stone gives experience on this level (Hod, number 8). This level here called Hod has another name called Thoth Hermes. So it will give you information on Thoth/qabala, on Hermes/alchemy. But these will be personal explanations to start your own way. This stone opens this path here (points to tree). This path is the path of Shin the letter of the fire, but you must understand that this name 'fire' is just like love. And there (path 31) will come the Divine Love path that will let you start alchemy. When you do your own stone the experience will be strictly personal. But since this stone has been done by myself, don't worry if you see the master of alchemy or qabala appear under my form. In the case you have such experience send a word or a letter written confidential on it and I will answer you personally on this. Only for this, those who have my address can send it to my address, but only for this.

If you recall the quantity that you have in this little paper, you can do it three or four times. If in a month you will do the same experiment as now, but you will take the stone in the hour of Mercury which is one hour after the rising of the sun [RH: on Wednesday]. Because the planetary genius of this level is very active at that time. But wait a month before you do it again O.K.? Don't take the stone on [RH: this coming] Wednesday or the Wednesday afterward. Wait till maybe you have an experience, if you don't, wait until the next Wednesday of the month and take it at the hour of the planet.

Q. Is there a reason to take it with red wine?

A. Red wine? Yes, we will explain why. Outside what it looks like is a crystal. When you look at it with a microscope there are always little crystals - they're very small. These crystals retain Hod fire - held prisoner (is) the fire of Hod. When you take them with wine, the wine helps dissolution of the crystals, when they are dissolved by the wine in the stomach, the wine is a vegetable mercury - that allows to have better transmission of these energies. In that case on the solar plexus.

Q. So red wine is good?

A. It's better.

Q. Is there some places you must not put the stone?

A. That's your superstition. I don't answer that. Apart from alcohol and the stomach acid, nothing can alter it. You can put it anywhere you like, in the oratory, in the fridge, anywhere you want.

We have given the stone because if you have the experience you will be certain that you can start the alchemical path with good success. And if you don't have the experience it does not mean you won't be able to go this way, but it's maybe not the time yet. (Tape fluctuation).


The Caraway Stone (additional note) -- Patrice Malézé

Something very important concerning the stone. What's left in your personal portion, it's exclusively for you and you cannot give it to somebody else. And if you give it to somebody - are you familiar with what an egregore is? You can have big problems with egregore problems.

Q. Which egregore?

A. This egregore (P.O.N.).

There must have been some misunderstanding here. This information, you can give it to whoever you like, the restriction was concerning this stone (caraway), this thing you have this morning alright? And the second stipulation is not to make money with this information.

Copyright 1992, 1998, The Philosophers of Nature. All rights reserved.
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