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P.O.N. Seminars 1992

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The Black Suns

Lecturer: Jean Dubuis
Translator: Patrice Malézé
Commentary by Russ House is indicated as [RH: ...]

[RH: The Invisible Suns or Black Suns offer certain practical advantages. Jean is presently developing a course which will explain the theory and practice more clearly than can be derived from this transcription. The course will be translated and made available through The Philosophers of Nature.]

Note: Here SV is the visible sun and SI is the invisible sun.

Every area in the world has 2 foci. The orbits of the planets are elliptic so they have 2 foci. For every planet one of the foci is the sun, the other is something called the black sun or invisible sun. Generally, we have seen in nature only the visible phenomenon. The visible effects would order (command) the invisible effects, and the visible takes orders from the invisible. For instance, for the Moon, but the occult effects of the Moon are under the head and tail of the Dragon effects, and these belong to the much less visible effects. In our solar system, and here on the earth, the visible effects are the heat, light, and all these things...

But the alchemical Fire and all the invisible energies belong to the black sun. We will explain a bit, the black suns of different planets. (Jean draws a line) The distance between the SV and the SI depends on the (transits of the ellipses? orbits?) For instance, for Venus which is a very special case in the solar system, its ellipse is merely a circle, so Venus has no black sun, because its black sun is included in the sun.

Considering the earth, our black sun would be the proportions here for the earth (B2) the ellipse of earth is not very flat and the difference between the SV and the SI is really small.

You could look at another level here. The size of the SV, we can see that the SI will be hidden during all the periods by the SV. When the earth will be in this position (Jean points to nine o'clock position of 360 degree circle). During the winter solstice the SI will be hidden by the SV. In a sense there will be an eclipse of the SI. During this period all the occult and invisible energies will be very weak, so it's not useful to work on the alchemical, mystical, or chemical sides of the work.

If we consider the distance between the SV and the SI, and the diameter of the SV, the distance between the 2 suns is about 5 times the diameter of the SV. I won't bother you with all the calculations, but I have reckoned that the SI's influences are canceled around roughly 12 days, around the winter solstice. So you don't have to work during this solstice. The influence is like that of the Moon, it's progressive. The invisible forces decrease progressively. ----- of days we can take that the occult force starts decreasing 12 days before the solstice and that they are reestablished only 12 days after the solstice - about (approximately).

During the summer time, the SV reigns directly on earth, that's why in the summer solstice, solar fire emitted by the SV is maximum. Every planet has an SI and if you apply ephemeral astrology to crystals and you apply it to qabala you must take it into account. But the SV of each planet is different from ours. Only particular things we'll speak of today because we're short on time. The one that we are allowing today is the Saturn black sun.

We have spoken of a Stone of Eternity this morning, and we will not speak on this again because we have not much time and we think we have more important things before that. But we can say the following things. Saturn's SI is at a distance from the SV but traces out of the orbit of the earth, but very close to it, because Saturn's orbit is huge and it's very flat. (Jean draws a circle with a cross at about 10 o'clock). The cross would be the black sun of Saturn. The ellipses of the planets are not equal, the ellipse of the earth - there is a certain angle of the perihelion, the perihelion has a certain ellipse.

It's about 150 million km between the sun and the earth (at the medium belt) and the black sun of Saturn is about 157 million (Km) and the perihelion are roughly about 10 to 12 degrees difference. So that - O.K. (Jean draws it at about 9 o'clock) it's more like it's here (10 o'clock) the black sun. So it's between 10 - 12 days before the winter solstice, so that maybe between the first, the second, or the third Saturday of September, say the second (Saturday) we will be closer to the sun. But for this year we will probably get this from an American table. This black sun of Saturn is the one that emits all the mystical influences of Saturn. And at that time chances of contact with eternity are maximum.

Because it's the black sun, Saturn's black sun that gives contact with this energy. If you don't have an adequate cubic stone, you can do the following - and if you know the qabala - so I think it should be the best on the 2nd Saturday of September. Before the sun rises you evoke the 4 names of Kether, the 4 names of Chesed, and after the sun has risen, you invoke the 4 names of Binah, and at every hour you invoke the 4 names of sephirotic levels, and you invoke the 4 names. O.K. There was a misunderstanding there between Kether and Chockmah - then every hour after that Binah, Chesed, Geburah... When everything is done and when you come to Yesod you invoke the 4 names of the earth. You only invoke Aretz and wait.

If everything has been properly done you have a very good chance of it (eternity experience) coming. It's not as good as a stone (of Eternity) but it's a good solution. Adonai - ha - Aretz. People who practice qabala know (what this name means).

I think you will find no explanations of these black suns in a book. I give you only the basics to start working but anyway in the American C.R.C. Handbook of Chemistry you find all the positions of the black suns when you can read it. And you must be careful when you work to choose the right times for the black suns. Because the black suns are at the maximum occult aspects when they are closest to the earth. The most influence is Saturn.

Q. I assume these SI's have no tangible quality.?

A. No. But you can find their positions astronomically because for all ellipses you know the big diameter and the small diameter and from there on you can determine all the positions and the black sun will have to be on this line here. (Diameter line) For instance, if it were the earth here (draws a line at 12 degrees) Saturn would be here. There is 12 degrees here - 10 and 11 degrees. You don't need to visit the astral world to make these calculations. You have the table of the angles and the distance. 159 years. You will have the calculations with you here (B1) and this comes from the CRC table. We have given only the times for Saturn to detect its useful rules.

Right. Now I'm very tired. Do you know what this solar fire is? Because I say in all my lectures that the food in the world that contains the most solar fire is red wine. So I will get some and get better. (Laughs.) We'll now show you practically distilling an mercury amalgam. That the mercury we have in the flask here is already good and it will allow the one who wants it to have a first start.

Copyright 1992, 1998, The Philosophers of Nature. All rights reserved.
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