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P.O.N. Seminars 1992

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Questions on The Secret Fire

Lecturer: Jean Dubuis
Translator: Patrice Malézé
Commentary by Russ House is indicated as [RH: ...]

Does anybody have any questions on the secret fire?

Q. In your lessons you mention there's a vital pressure that's used in specific ways to create something. Is this the Secret Fire?

A. Any way, if the Secret Fire is not there, life isn't. The Secret Fire set to the animal kingdom animates life. In the animal kingdom the Fire is in the blood. That's why (in) the ancient Hebrew scriptures (they) would wash the meat to get rid of the Fire in it.

Q. When you're going through the distillation to raise the level and the death oil appears do you just filter that out or ...?

A. No. The ancients say you have to have a goose feather to remove it O.K.? Here nowadays it would have to be a decantation, that would be the best.

Q. (Question about determining the fire with butter of antimony to the mineral realm or determining the vegetable realm with potassium carbonate.)

A. Yes. It's set to the vegetable kingdom with potassium carbonate. It was said yesterday in the Mendeleiev table that column 1 elements were the ones that determine the kingdom. Potassium to the vegetable kingdom, sodium to the animal kingdom, etc. It's very complicated from the chemical point of view. If we have copper, silver, or gold it would be determined immediately on the metallic world. No details - it's a very complex chemical problem.

Q. (A question not easy to hear about using potassium chloride or potassium carbonate.)

A. Whatever you want—You take care with potassium chloride. Whenever chlorine is present in alchemy you need to be very careful, because the chlorine can contact the life kingdom in a different way. This is not in accordance to what actual science says but it's interesting. (Jean draws atoms of different patterns.) This I will explain here comes from experiments I have done, but we're not advanced far enough to be sure of what this means. All that's vegetable or animal life is in organic chemistry. It's the organic chemistry, the carbon chemistry with 4 electrons. (Note: Here the microphone went out completely. This is where it comes back on:) We think, but we're not absolutely certain. In alchemical processes, but not in chemical processes the chain of 8 of the ----- acid splits into 2 and gives 2 times 4 that settles it back to the vegetable kingdom. I can't be certain on this, but the operations on the butter of antimony, the oil - that act in the mineral kingdom make me think that's what happens. But until now I cannot show this to people from the profane science or scientists. But transforming hydrochloric acid and carbon at night with the butter of antimony is certain, I've done it!

In 1 or 2-3 years a better explanation (will be possible), after experiments that are very dangerous. If you have any further interest in these questions and you have any further knowledge, the equilibrium of the balance of energy in the (scientific) journals does not fit. So if profane science was right the experiment should be radioactive. Since I work in nuclear (science) -- and I made myself some radioactivity detectors -- I know there's none (radioactivity). So the alchemic sulfurs done with no radioactivity, but we have today no proper explanation for this. Maybe in 2 or 3 years we will.

(Note: There are 2 questions here that cannot be heard.)

A. The governing of solve coagula always raises the levels, same thing with sublimation and distillation, and when ammonium chloride is risen it can, but only then, extract the auric seed from the antimony scoria.

Any other questions?

Q. (Can't be heard.)

A. Niter can be - potassium nitrate. O.K. (Laughs.)

Q. (A question about first beings and the quintessence.)

A. Quintessence is not something that exists by itself. It exists when the 4 elements are in balance in the substance. We will be speaking about this coming back up the initiatic path and at that time I will tell you about when Man is in the state of quintessence. If I forget just remind me.

Q. (Can't be heard.)

A. The Secret Fire is only... Only the first column can determine the Secret Fire - the 5th can have an acceleration for things, but there's no ... It does not determine Fire. Column 5 is the niter in nature. All kingdoms work the same way, when maybe you want to accelerate the vegetation you put nitrate as a niter for oxygen.

A great alchemical key is to compare kingdoms to one another and it gives a lot of keys. One of these days we will speak on this more - someday we will speak on matrices. And in this system we make a mineral earth, we make a mineral water, we imbibe the earth with the mineral water like the ordinary earth is imbibed by the water of the sky, and when you put the seed in it, the seed develops, and the earth gets weak, and the mineral earth will give you the metal of which you put in the seed. And (keep) in mind with the auric seed it will give a ratio of one dollar of salt for 40 dollars of nitric acid. (Laughs.)

Copyright 1992, 1998, The Philosophers of Nature. All rights reserved.
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