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Sepher Raziel manuscripts

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British Library MS. Sloane 3826.
101 folios.
1. ff1-57 Liber Salomonis, called Sepher Raziel, containing Seven
1. The first is said Clavis for that in it is determined of Astronomy
and of the starres for without them we may do nothing.
2. The second is said Ala for that in it is determined of the vertues
of some stones, of herbs and of beasts.
3. The third is said Tractatus Thymiamatus for that there is determined
in it of Suffumigations and of allagacions of them and divisions.
4. The fourth is said the Treatise of tymes and the heere of the day
and of the night for that in it is determined when any thing ought to be done
by this booke.
5. The fifth is said the Treatise of Cleanesse for that there is
determined in it of Abstinence.
6. The sixth is said Samaim for in that treatise it nameth all the
heavens and her angels and the operations of working of them.
7. The seventh is the booke of virtues for that there is deternined in
it of vertues and miracles for there be tolde the propertyes of the arte of
magicke and of his figures and of the ordinances of the same.

2. ff58-65 The rule of the booke of Consecration or the manner of working
with some orisions.
3. ff65-83 Magical Directions.
4. ff84-97 Liber Lunae.
5. ff98-101 The Invocation of Oberion concerning Physic Art.

British Library MS. Sloane 3846.
Paper. Quarto. 186 folios. 17th Century.

Item 18. ff.129-157.
Liber Salomonis, called Cephar Raziel, containing seven treatises, said to be
written by William Parry of Clifford's Inn in 1564. ff.129-157.
[The text in English is the same as in MS. Sloane 3826].

British Library MS. Sloane 3847.
Paper. Quarto. 188 folios. 17th Century.
[Items 1 and 2 see under Clavicula Salomonis - English]

[Item 11] ff.161-188.
Praefatio in librum Razielis J.V. in nomine Dei omnipotentis vivi et veri, et
eterni, et sine omni Fine qui dicitur Adonay - Saday -Assereye - Jucipio -
scribere istum librum qui dicitur Cephar Raziel cum omnibus suis Pertinentiis,
in quo sunt septem Tractatus completi, et septem libri.
Introductio Libris.
Clavis Libris. Liber Primus de Astronomia.
De Lapidibus. Liber Secundus.
De Herbis.
[This text in Latin is the same as MSS. Sloane 3846 and 3826 but breaks off
incomplete in Chapter Three.]
[Preface begins]: "Dicit Salomon Gloria et laus cum multo honore sit Deo".
[First book begins]: "Clavis istius libri est cognoscere et scire locum septem
corporum superiorum".

[The introduction lists the seven books of the Sephar Raziel as :-]
1. Clavis de Astromonia et de Stellis.
2. Ala de virtutibus quorundam Lapidum, Herbarum, Animalia.
3. Thimiamatum de Suffumigationis.
4. Temporum Anni [times of the year].
5. Munditio de abstinentia.
6. Samahym [names of God and Angels].
7. Virtutum quod ubi determinatur in eo_ [Virtues of the art of magic].

British Library MS. Sloane 3853.
Paper. Quarto. 268 folios. 17th Century.

1. Tractatus cui titulus, Thesaurus Spiritum, secundum Robertum Furconem et
Rogerum Bacon, cum tabula contentorum et prologo praemissis. ff.3-45.
[Begins]: "Haec est doctrina omnium experimentorum".
2. Liber qui vocature Sephar Rasiel [Imperfect]. ff.46-53.
[Begins] "Incipio scribere istum librorum qui vocatur Sephar Rasiel".
3. Experimenta plurima magica. ff.54-63, 70-120.
4. The book of consecration. ff.64-69.
5. De spiritibus, solaribus, in figuris delineatis. ff.120v-127.
6. The divine Seal of Solomon. f.127v.
7. Invocationes, orationes, etc. f.129-137.
8. Tractatus qui vocatur, Speculum quatuor Regum. ff,138-141.
[Begins]: "Dic inprimis hanc orationem".
9. Processus magici, excitationes spirituum, etc. ff.142-174.
10. A magical book called the Dannet, containing various magical experiments.
[Begins]: "This is the doctrine of all experiments in generall".
11. The book of the science "of nygromancie". ff.219v-241.
[Begins]: "Here beginnethe the boke of the sience of nygromancie by the which
sience thou mayst worke yf thou wylt by daye as by nyght".
12. De sigillis planetarum, etc. f.243.
13. Conjurations, etc. ff.245v-252, 253-256.
14. Of the Offices of Spirits. ff.257-264.
15. Experimenta quaedeam magica. f.266.

British Library MS. Additional 15299.

[The following description appears in the British Library MS catalogue entry
which is pasted into the beginning of this volume.]
"The Book Raziel (the Hidden Things of God). The Angel Raziel delivered this
book to Adam after 130 years of his Repentance, which book contains Cabbala, by
which they can cause Angels, according to his month and his day, to perform
miracles, and cast out the evil spirits which occasionally enter in men, and it
also contains the knowledge of conversing concerning the Sun, the Moon and the
Stars, and to cause to be sick and heal again, and it speaks of many other
powers of the vegetable world, precious stones, fishes, fowls, wild beasts, also
to be enabled to foretell by the means of the stars and to explain the rod of
Moses, wherewith he performed wonders. Vide Labia Dormientium lette 7. No.31.
"This MS contains the book Jetzirah, with the commentary apparently, of R.
Eleasar ben Juda de Garmiza, who lived in the middle of the 13th century. There
are various other cabalistic Treatises in it. See the Note at f. 132 b.
See Wolfius Tom 1,. p.23."

MS Alnwick Castle 596.

The following work is a Book of great name among the Magi and Cabalists as the
Title of Sepher Raziel or the Book of the Angel of the Secret.

p1 For the Account of this Book see the Zohar of the Jews in Genesis.
When Adam was in the garden of Eden J.H.V.H. sent him a Book of the
Angel Raziel in which were engraved characters of the highest wisdom,....
p3 A Compendium of the Book called Sepher Raziel or the Angel of the Great
p8 [recipe for cabalistic ink].
p11 Operation of the First Heaven.
p20 Operation of the 2nd Army in the .... and attributed to Mercury.
[Opens in English then in Italian].
p25 Operationi del 2 do Exercito.
[Sections in Italian, Latin, and English].
p35 Operationi del 3zo Exercito.
[Italian, Latin].
p47 Operazioni de 4to Exercito.
[Italian, Latin and English].
p56 The Operations of the 5th Army.
[English, Latin].
p62 The Operations of the 6th Army.
[English, Italian and Latin].
p69 Operazioni de 7mo Cielo.
[Italian and Latin].
p75 [Lists of qualities of the sevenfold].
[List of various Angel names].
p88 Oratio.
p90 l'Orazioni.
p92 Tavola [Contents of Ms. in Italian].
p93 Haec Sunt 72 Nomina Dei.
[List of 72 names with qualities and powers].
[Latin and Italian].

MS. Alnwick Castle 585.
f.ii "This Book was bought at Naples from the Jesuit's Colledge when that
Order was suppressed and all their goods seized upon by the King and
confescated. It was brought from there by a Gentleman in a publick Employment in
the English service and at his death was purchased in London with other MSS of
the Jesuits Colledge".

1. Cephar Raziel. [In Italian p.1-43].
p1 Erudition hujus Libri. Zoar: Sectione in principio Genesi I.
p1 Comprendio de Libro dello Cephar Raziel, id est Angelus Magni Secreti
Communicato ad Adamo, ed esposto da Salomonie in Ebreao...
p2 Incomincia.
p3 Disse Salomone in guest libro guello che disse l'Angelo Raziele as
p6 Operazione de primo Cielo.
p8 Seguone l'operazione del i° cielo.
p11 Operazioni del 2° esercito, qual'e nel Cielo di Labana, ed attribuiscon
a Mercurio.
p12 Operazioni del 2° Esercito.
p14 Opperazioni del terzo esercito.
p17 Le operazioni de IV esercito, il quale sta' nel cielo di labana, ma' é
atribuito al Sole.
p18 Operazioni del IV Esercito.
p21 Operazioni del IV Esercito, il quale ben che stia nel Cielo di Labana,
non di meno e' attribuito a'Marte.
p22 Operazioni del quinto esercito.
p25 operazioni del VI essercito, il quale ben che stia ne Cielo di Labana,
non di meno, e' attribuito à [Jupiter].
p26 Dell' operazioni del VII esercito.
p29 Operazioni del VII Cielo. ill 7° Cielo si chiama Arabotht.
p37 Il Complimento.
p40 Questae l'orazione.
p41 Siegrie il Nome Magno.

2. Compendium totius Sme Kabala cuius misterius consistit in divinis
nominibus vita hora fundamentum smus hoc nomen.
Begins : "Haec sunt 72 Nomina Dei".
p1-8 [In Latin].

3. Regole di Mr Gio Adamo Wetter.
[Table of the days of months].
[Tables with inverted pyramids of numbers].
Kabala Hermetis
[With number square and inverted pyramid of numbers. Some sigils at end.
Text in Italian].

4. Vero modo d'acquistare la Kabola Angelica.
p1 [Angels of past, present and future].
p2 Cio finito di rai con gran divezionè.
p3 Invocazione dell' Asistenza.
p5 Devi sapere. ciô che s'édetto / che in agni nome d'Angliolo si deve
leggere: Hic est spiritus: e si segna con la Croce.
p6 Oratio.
[p1-6 In Italian. 18th Century]
[four short tracts bound together].

British Library MS. Additional 16390.
Paper. Small quarto. 17th Century.
Two tracts in Hebrew
(i) "The Seven Names".
(ii) The eight chapters of Maimonides, or introduction to Aboth [imperfect].
At the end is added an extract from the Hebrew cabalistic work, entitled Raziel,
in Italian.

Yale University - Beinecke Rare Books Library Osborn MS fa.7
Astrological treatise. England; late sixteenth century. Paper; 33ff. 303 x 205 mm.; 1 column, 36 lines.
I-III (8), IV (10, -10). Catchwords on every page. Cursive script. Astrological signs are drawn in the margins. Bound in limp vellum.
Presented to the Beinecke Jan 23, 1967, by James M. Osborn.
Comments: Folio 1r has two staffs of music. The text claims to be the Book of Virtue which the Angel Raphiel gave to Adam, with Solomon's Hebrew additions. Incipit: "In the name of allmyghtie God livinge trewe & everlasting and without all end, wch ys said Adonay Saday ... I begin to write this booke wch ys said Cephar razyell with all his portenaunce in wch be 7 treatises complete." The seven treatises are: 1) Clavis, 2) virtues of stones, herbs and beasts, 3) Tractatus thimiamatum, 4) treatise of time, 5) treatise of cleanness, 6) Samaym, and 7) Book of Virtue.

Dresden. MS N.96.
Cabala Alba. Dieses ist das Buch Adam, oder Razielis, durch welches du wissen und verstehen kannst, alles mit einander, alle Wunder Dinge, welche geschehen sind, und noch gemachet werden konnen... Dieses Buch hat der Engel Raziel den Adam ubergeben. - Fortsetzung des Buches Adae seu Razielis.
18th century. With figures. 187 and 175 leaves. Quarto.