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Ferguson Manuscripts 101 - 150

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MS. 101.
124 folios. 188x120mm. 19th Century. In English.
f1-11 [Blank.]
f12 Theurgia, containing The magic and Magical Elements of Pietro d'Abano; The Art of Cyprian; and an Extract from Dr Dee's Conferences with Spirits, transcribed by Elias Ashmole Esq. now No. 3677 in the Sloanian Lib. MSS. British Museum. London 1838.
f13-63 (p1-104) The Magic and Magical Elements of Pietro d'Abano.
f64-102 (p105-172) The Art of Cyprian.
f103-106 (p173-178) Dr Dee's Conferences with Spirits. Extracts from Dee's diaries for Oct 15th 1585, 17th,18th,22nd September. 1586. [Note at end]: "This manuscript was formerly in R. Smiths possession, and he copied the six preceding pages into his Astrologer of the 19th Century, page 82,4-5. Best Editn. Fred Hockley."
f109-112 (p181-187) Sigils. Twelve magical sigils with short descripions of their use and virtues.
f113-122 [Blank.]
f123 This experiment communicated by a farmer in Cheshire to W. Lea and by him to me, is to bring back a thief.
[Fred Hockley manuscript.]

MS. 102.
170 folios. 150x108mm. 16th Century. In English.
f1-3v Notes from 'The Olde Booke' on Alchemy.
f4-52 The XII gates of George Ripley abreviated.
f52v-55 [Notes on 'Opera Solis', 'Opera Venus', and 'Out of Norton' on alchemy.]
f56-66r Out of Raimondes Epistle of accurtationis.
f66v-99v Medulla Alchimie.
f100-133 Certain abstractes out of diverse places of Raimunde.
f134v-135v [Notes on Green Lion and 'The composition of the Basilyske of perles'.]
f136-159v 'Certen acurtacions' being notes on alchemical processes.
f151 [Drawing of furnace.]
f160-165v The Concordance between Raymund and Guydo, by George Ripley.
f166-168 [Blank.]
f169 -170 [Notes on alchemy.]
[At head of f1 in different hand from the rest of the MS.]: "Sum Liber Joh: Cooper [...] 1602 for William Bolles possessor".
[Phillips Ms. 4336.]

MS. 103.
92 pages. 221x158mm. 17th Century. In Italian, with some headings and sections in Latin.
[Alchemical recipes.]
p1-4 Index.
p5 Recipe Oleum de praeparatis calloris exeat.
p5 Ad indurandum [] ut sustineat ignem.
p6 Congelatio []
p7 Congelavi di [].
p8 Modo di dar il peso all'argento.
p8 A far una tinctua d'ovo sopraraine.
[Many other sections and recipes not here noted.]

MS. 104.
110 folios. 190x143mm. 14th century. In Latin.
f3-25v Dicta bartholomei. Neccessarium vndequoque perueniant. vnde omnes magistri antiquarum erudiciones scienciarum...
f25v-32 Incipit liber de Coytu. Creator volens animalium genus firmiter... aqua sit solutum apium. Explicit liber de coitu.
[See Constantinius Affricanus, Constantini opera, Basel, 1539, pp.299-307.]
f32-57 Hic incipit liber secretorum alchimie.
f43-46 [Nine small circular 'Lullist' diagrams.]
f57-66 Hic incipit primum capitulum huius tincture.
f67-82 Isti sunt tituli capitulorum cuiusdam tractatus. qui est de extractis. siue compilat' quibusdam magic necessariis. de libro Geber.
f82 [At end of this section of text]: "Explicit Summa Geber Seconde Magisterii".
[A summary of Geber, Summa perfecti magisterii.]
f84-91 [Recipes.]
f91 Iste liber completus est per manu nicolai altsmet sacerdotis Anno dom MCCCLXIIII.
[For full description see N.R. Ker, Medieval MSS in British Libraries, vol. 2 (1977) pp.888-9.]

MS. 105.
93 folios. 230x155mm. 15th or early 16th Century. In Latin.
[Works of Ramon Lull.]
f1-56v Liber secretorum nature seu quinte essentie.
f56v-85v De Practica figure fundamentalis et arboris philosophorum diximus.
f86-92 Speculum Alkimie.
[Many circular and tree diagrams and some drawings of apparatus, throughout the text.]
[See Ramon Lull, De secretis naturÆ sive quinta essentia..., Argentorati, 1541.]

MS. 106.
84 folios. 226x160mm. 15th Century. In Latin.
f1 Primus liber de consideratione quinte essentie omnium rerum transmutatabilium.
[Inscribed at end]: "Expletus fuit liber iste per me Johanem die decimo octavo mensis februarii. Millesimo quadringentesimo sexagesimo nono. Laus deo."
[See Singer No.292.]
f60-68v Ars operativa magni Raymundi. [i.e. Ramon Lull]
[In different hand from first item. See Singer No. 1004.]
f69-84 Humanum corpus cum sit compositum per ingressionem contrariorum...
[Alchemical and medical recipes, in same hand as second item. f69v-79v see Arnoldus de Villanova, De aqua vitae. See Singer No. 1003.]
[For full description see N.R. Ker, Medieval MSS in British Libraries, vol. 2 (1977) pp.890.]

MS. 107.
vi + 96 folios. 216x148mm. 16th Century. In Latin.
f i-vi [Notes from various alchemical works.]
f1-39 Liber Bernhardi de Florentia De magno lapide philosophorum.
[Incribed at end]: "Finis liber Bernhardi de florentia ... Anno 1512."
f41-46 Incipit lapis mineralis Hermetis philosophi.
f48-65 Incipit Lapidarius Raimundi philosophi. [i.e. Ramon Lull]
f66-96 Various notes on alchemical processes.
[Dated in various places "1512".]

MS. 108.
86 pages. 197x155mm. 18th and 19th Centuries. English and Latin.
p1-60 Babel, or the Assemblie. A Poem Written originalie in the Irish tongue, and translated into Scotch, for the benefit of the Leidges. By I.P a well-wisher to the cause.... MDCXCII
[Note by Ferguson on inside cover]: "Babel was printed in 1830 by G.H. Kinloch for the Maitland Club. I suppose this is the original MS."
p1-22 The following Epistle on the plan of the Epistolae obscurorum virorum has a good deal of humour And was occasioned by the noted Story of the Witches of Calder... [Text in Latin.]
[Dated at end]: "1723".]
[This section is in different hand and paper, and pasted into the end of the volume].
[Two folios at end]: Poema Pitcarnii M.D. [Latin].

MS. 109.
95 folios. 208x145mm. 16th Century. In Spanish.
Rosario de excellentissimo doctor Maestre Arnaldo de villanueva sobre la Piedra mayor traduzido de latin en lengua castellana.
[Pen drawn initial capitals to first few chapters, with 22 fine pen drawings of alchemical apparatus and experiments throughout the text.]

MS. 110.
139 folios. 201x155mm. 18th Century. In Latin.
Sapientia Veterum sive doctrina earundem de summa et universali medicina,...
[This is a 'Crowning of Nature' manuscript. See also MSS. 8, 155, 208, 230, 237, 245 and 253.]
[On f1v]: "Fr Wolfgangus Schwabpaur me procuravit 1704."
[Text in Latin with the 67 illustrations in well executed watercolours with use of gold and silver inks.]
[Has extra drawing numbered 68 on final folio, showing lion and eagle supporting triangle, while dove descends from Sun, which has downward pointing triangle. Dove bears a cloud which it places on the vertex of the lower triangle which points upwards.]

MS. 111.
276 pages. 234x168mm. 18th Century. In Italian, Latin and French.
p1-233 Estratto di perfettissimi hauuti da eccellentissime persone, e per la maggior parte provati... Appartiene ame Carl Antonio Tondi di Civerno 1718.
p233-274 [Index.]
[In various hands. Contains alchemical recipes numbered 1-747.]

MS. 112.
244 pages. 216x161mm. 18th Century. In French.
p1-69 Le Precieux Don De Dieu.
[With 12 water-colour illustrations on vellum. This is a French version of the 17th century "Praetiosissimum Donum Dei" found in many manuscript versions (one of the best known being Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal Ms 975.)]
[See MSS. 113, 148, 222, 248, 270 and 292.]
p72-79 [Series of Sonnets on alchemical themes in French.]
p81-159 Poeme philosophie De la Verite de la physique mineralle. [Verse.]
p160-164 Les Visions Hermetiques. [Verse.]
p165-233 Lettre Philosophique.
p1-19 [New numbering of this section] Discours philosophique en vers.
[On fly leaf]: "Par de Nuisement auteur du traite du vrai sel Secret des Philosophes etc. Cite Daur Brunet."

MS. 113.
528 pages. 196x124mm. 18th Century. In French.
p1-246 Testament de Jean Isaac ou operation minerale traduite du flamand en Latin par Isaac de Zomere.
[Finely executed drawings of alchemical apparatus between pages 227 and 235.]
p1-199 [New numbering.] Mercure d'or.
p200-271 Manuscrit de Chimie.
[This section has (between pages 200 and 244) twelve water colour illustrations as in the Praetiosissimum Donum Dei, or Spiegel der philosophen. These are small in size and are not especially well executed.]
[See MSS. 112, 148, 222, 248, 270 and 292..]

MS. 114.
64 pages. 176x132mm. 18th Century. In English.
p1-6 The Praxis of Meriam [Miriam] the Prophetess.
p7-10 The Composition of the Philosophers viniger.
p11-18 A tract by "An unknowne Author".
p19-46 The Chaos Stone.
[Unnumbered section of 18 pages.] Sir George Ripleys Epistle to King Edward unfoulded.
[See George Ripley, The compound of alchymy... Whereunto is adioyned his epistle to the king..., London, 1591.]

MS. 115.
54 folios. 196x153mm. 17th or 18th Century. In Latin.
Opera Magiae Naturalis Mirabili Naturae Pneumo-cosmicae pennicillo Efformata. Per artem Naturae Simiam ad ipsum Naturae universalis Cahoticae [sic] Prototypon in totidem ectypis adumbrata atque ad perpetuum rei memoriam conservata.
[A series of 52 beautifully executed watercolour circular drawings (110 to 130mm in diameter), seem to illustrate the emergence of form out of chaos, the precipitation of the divine into earthly embodiment. The forms depicted are very amorphous, the paint being applied in many overlapping layers.]
[Drawings on recto folios only.]
[Watermarks 'Vriheit', 'Pro patria' and 'Horn - D&C Blauw' consistent with dating to mid 18th Century.]

MS. 116.
49 folios on vellum. 216x133mm. 13th Century. In Latin.
f1 Incipit liber de medicina fratris georgii Francois.
[Noted on inside cover "Phillipps Ms 15748".]
[For full description see N.R. Ker, Medieval MSS in British Libraries, vol. 2 (1977) pp.890-1.]

MS. 117.
36 folios. 185x141mm. 17th Century. In English.
[George Ripley.] The Compound of Alchymie.
[This manuscript closely follows the text of the printed version of 1591. It does not include the prologue, and the last leaf containing the last verse of 'An Admonition', is wanting.]

MS. 118.
64 folios. 198x140mm. 17th Century. In French.
f1-31 Secret tres noble et veritable de venerable homme Jodocy Greuery.
[French translation of Iodocus Grewer, Secretum; et Alani philosophi dicta de lapide philosophico, Lugduni Batavorum, 1599.]
f32-60 [Extract or part of unidentified work, beginning with chapter IV and continuing to XXXII though with many chapters missing.]
[Phillipps MS. 22350.]

MS. 119.
186 folios. 231x170mm. 16th Century. In Latin.
Petrus Hispanus. Liber Experimentorum Mag. Petri Hispani qui vocatur Thesaurus Pauperum.
[Treatise on medicine. In Latin. With index at beginning.]
[See Pope John XXI, Thesaurus pauperum, Venetia, 1531.]

MS. 120.
975 pages. 198x132mm. 17th Century. In Italian.
Cipriano di Bologna. Libro della spagirica.
[Tract on medicine.]
[On spine "Libro della Spagyrica Manoserto 1634".]

MS. 121.
40 folios. 186x133mm. 17th Century. In Latin and Italian.
f1 Duodecim Tractatus de Lapide Philosophorum. Autore me qui divi Leschi genus amo. [i.e. Michael Sendivogius.]
[See Michael Sendivogius, Novem lumen in duodecim tractatus divisum..., Paris, 1608 and many other editions.]
[With 2 folios of alchemical symbols at end.]
f38-40 [Short section in Italian] Solutione delli Corpi Lunari, et solari.

MS. 122.
77 folios. 199x165mm. 17th Century. In German.
f1-5 Jungfrawenhar oder Widertodt oder Güldin widertodt.
f6-11 [Blank.]
f12-14 Panacea Anwaldina.
f15-23 Lux Lucens in Tenebris.
f24-32 Baldvini Clodii Anhaltische Ratss und leib Medici Officina Chymica, Franckfurt 1633.
[See Balduinus Clodius, Fünff underschiedliche Tractätlein... Officina chymica..., Franckfurt am Mayn, 1640.}
f33-55 Hermetischer Wunderbaum, durch Anonymum von Seld...Franckfurt an Main 1635.
f56-65 Medicamenta Militaria, Dogmatica, hermetica, et magica. Johannem Pharamundum Rhummelium & Nurnberg 1632.
f69-77 Lazari Ercker probier Buech.

MS. 123.
85 pages. 191x142mm. 18th Century. In French.
Traictes (aux dessous de tout Prix) contenue dans ce Tome.
p1-26 Le Livre de L'Art Compendieuse de raymond Lulle qu'il a Nomme Vade Mecum.
p27-53 Le Vray Livre du Tres Docte Sinesius abbe grec Tire de la Bibliotheque de L'Empereur.
p54-85 Traité du Mercure et de la Pierre Philosophes De George Riplée.

MS. 124.
29 folios. 164x102mm. 18th Century. In English.
A Revelation of the secreat Spirit, first written in Lattin by an unknown Author, but explayned in Itallian by John Baptista Lamby a venetian lately translated into English by R.N.E. gent.
[This manuscript appears to be a precis made from the printed version published in London in 1623.]
[Signed on title page]: "Fred Hockley".

MS. 125.
546 + 8 pages. 244x185mm. 18th Century. In English.
p1-545 MicrocosmoV or the little World, Man, in his Primaeval and fallen State, to his Adoption to be the Son of God. Mens in Coelis, quies in Terris.
[This is a commentary by Dionysius Andreas Freher on the Three Tables from the William Law edition of Boehme's works. These three elaborate engravings, which have sections which open up to reveal other underlying images, are pasted in at the beginning of the manuscript.]
[Note written by Richard Cosway M.A. a 19th century portrait painter who owned the manuscript added to title page "Faithfully translated from the Original Latin written by Petrus Paulus Rubenius". Richard Cosway in an attempt to credit this work to Peter Paul Rubens has inserted an engraved portrait of Rubens, together with a portrait of himself.]
p546 [Manuscript extract from the Times August 31 1825, concerning astrological symbolism connected with Louis XIII of France.]
[At end there is inserted 8 pages from a printed book entitled 'An Illustration of Astrology'.]
[Other copies of the work are found in British Library Mss Add 5786 and 5787, and Dr Williams's Library Mss. Walton I.1.31, I.1.32, I.1.33, I.1.49 and I.1.70.]

MS. 126.
16 folios. 230x178mm. 18th Century. In French.
Petit traite contenant l'explication, des mots, des noms, et des termes obscurs dont se servent les philosophes dans leurs ecrits.
[Numbered as pages 51-79, so probably taken from a larger manuscript original and bound up separately.]

MS. 127.
88 pages + 9 folios. 226x178mm. 16th Century. In Italian, with titles in Latin.
p1-36 Summetta. In Nomine Sanctae et individuae Trinitatis incipit Summa Minor clarissimi et excellissimi ph[ilosoph]i Christophori Parisiensis de corpore Magni et Divini lapidis philosophorum.
p37-60 Violetta quod opus ab ipso merito vocat cithera [sic] seu violetta artis transmutationis metallorum.
p63-87 Lucidarium tractatus de [...] magni lapidis philosophorum summa vegetabile et minerale clarissimi philosophi Christopheri Parisiensis, quod merito Lucidarium ab ipso vocatum est, sive summa major artis transmutatoriae corporum metallorum.
[2 folios at end] Alphabeti diversi. [An Alphabet of terms used in the works of Christopher of Paris, and Raymund Lully.]

MS. 128.
56 folios. 250x185mm. 18th Century (c. 1775-1776). In English.
[A notebook, entitled "Theomagia" on the outer front cover and "Practical Questions" on f.1, containing horoscopes, talismans, medical recipes, prayers and invocations and other material.]

MS. 129.
200 pages. 257x198mm. 18th Century. In French.
Abraham Juif, Prince, Prêtre lévite, Astrologue et Philosophe. [Flamel's, Livre des figures hierogliphiques.]
[The frontispiece is drawn or traced on thin paper with brown ink and pasted down; there are six hand-coloured engravings opposite pages 35, 46, 61, 107, 129, 175, and one watercolour drawing of the 'Massacre of the Innocents' opposite p154.]
[There is a printed list of alchemical symbols inserted opposite page 27.]
[See also MSS. 17 and 154.]

MS. 130.
55 folios. 205x156mm. 18th Century. In French.
Sidonius Oeuvre du philosophe Solidanius, augmentée d'une clé hieroglyphique & de nombreuses annotations et de dix huit étonnantes figures hermétiques coloriées.
[18 coloured figures as in Figurarum Aegyptiorum Secretarum Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal MS. 973, M.P. Hall MS. 216 and in a manuscript in the collection of C.G. Jung referred to in Psychology and Alchemy (Collected Works Vol 12) p498. Various textual material added, also sections in code.]
[On cover]: "Oeuvre annote par divers du philosophe Solidonius."
[Printed stamp of Stanislas de Guaita on first and last folios.]
[See also MSS. 220, 326.]

MS. 131.
136 pages. 197x153mm. 18th Century. In Latin.
p1 De hyleali id est primateriali catholico naturali chaos naturalis alchymiae, et Alchymistarum id est Revisa et plurimum augmentata confessio naturalis alchymiae, et Alchymistarum henrici Kunrath Lip: theosophi medicina utriusque doctoriae.
p9 Confessio philosophica henrici Kunrath Lips: docto de catholico et physico Chemico chaos. [Text in 10 chapters.]
[See Symbolum Physico-Chymicum Henrici Khunrath Lips. Utriusque Med. Doct. De Chao Physico-Chymicorum Catholico, Naturali, Triuno, Mirabili atque Mirifica, Secretissimo: Lapidis Philosophorum Universalis et Magni Subiecto genuino ac Calumniae parentes. Pfui Diabolo. Hamburg, 1598.]
[On flyleaf]: "Les ouvrages de Khunrath, tout Aenigmatiques et inintelligibles (sic) quils sont, sont recherchés par les Alchimistes, il ne [...] pas quil yen eu d'imprimés sores le libre de celuycy. C'est une chose a verifier. Il y a du même auteur un traité intitulé Magnetia Catholica Philosophorum, imprime in 8° 1599, dont il est question dans ce manuscrit. C'est un chose a verifier."
[See Heinrich Khunrath, Magnesia catholica philosophorum, Magdeburg, 1599.]
[Bookplate]: M. Hyancinthi Theodori Baron Antiqui Facultatis Medicinae Parisiensis Decani.

MS. 132.
108 folios. 202x154mm. 16th Century. In Latin.
Alkemia Platonis cum commento Hermetis vel Hamuelis.
[At end]: "Completum erat te opus 22° die Januarii 1584 (ex typo dato et [...] 8o die octobris 1396 H Metcalf."
[Diagram of furnace and water bath on final folio.]
[This is the text of Libri quartorum, seu Stellici, cum commento Hebuhabeo Hamed, explicata ab Hestole, in Theatrum Chemicum vol. V, p. 101.]

MS. 133.
91 folios. 195x150mm. 17th Century. In Latin.
fiiv [List of Contents (incomplete).]
f1 [A series of short pieces including 'The worke of B', 'The Great elixer', 'Ablutio aqua', and two untitled pieces.]
f13 The Philosophers heaven.
f15 Here begyneth a very good worke of the philosophers stone.
f24 Here followeth secrets and true sayings of philosophers.
f29 A work of the philosophers stone. [Allegorical text.]
f33 [Short notes from various alchemical authorities.]
f38 [Section in the form of question and answer, possibly entitled 'Elixer Vini'.]
f43 Here followeth the practis of the ryall flower.
f45v Philorcin of George Riplye of the possibilyte of this science.
f46v Of the errores of certayne practisers in this arte.
f57v [Alchemical verse.]
f58 [Rough pen drawing of woman with peacock feather headdress between sun and moon rising out of a corpse lying on the ground. A line below reads "This is a perfect figure of the art", while a line above, possibly added later reads, "A Fool 1730". A text commenting upon this image follows on f58-59.]
f59 [46 eight line stanzas of allegorical alchemical verse.]
f66 Raymond Lulle in his theoricke. [87 seven line stanzas.]
f77 Abtracts. [Unidentified alchemical text.]
f79 Nowe here followeth the merrore of philosophi or alkemy, thereof speaketh of 4 wordes as hereafter followeth.
f87v [ ] G Ripeley in pupillam alchemiae.
[On f1]: "This is the book that came from Mr Sandeys of Linfarde 1606 June the 23rd."
[At end]: "Thus endeth this book beinge written by Thomas Robson and ended the 23 daye of June in the year of our Lord 1606."

MS. 134.
31 folios (11 blank). 155x92mm. 17th Century. In English.
Experimental Seacrets found out in the way of my owne painting. [By Charles Beale.]
[Note on f2v]: "Autograph of Mr Beale Experimental Secrets in Painting - he was contemporary of Sr Peter Lely and greatly in his esteem."
[Observations on pigments, etc., from the period 1647-1663.]

MS. 135.
123 folios. 180x87mm. 15th Century. In Latin.
f1-75 Incipit feliciter Summa alkimiae perfectionis Geberis Regis Arabum pretiotissimi philosophorum.
[See Singer No.105.]
f78-87 Inicium 2i libri Geberis videlicet commentum suum super sumam suam de inuestigatione perfectionis magisterii.
[See Singer No.73, iii, iv.]
f88-92 Liber fornacuum Geberis.
[At end]: "Explicit 3us liber furnacuum Geberis."
[See Singer No.72.]
f94-100 4us liber Testamenti Geberis.
f104-119 Liber quintus Geberis compendiosum de inuestigatione perfectionis magisterii pratice...
[See Manget, Bibliotheca chemica curiosa, I, 519-564. Also see Singer No.73.]
[MSS. 63, 76, 135 and 192 are four uniform alchemical notebooks probably once bound together, written by a north Italian scribe identified in MS. 76 as "John Visio".]
[For full description see N.R. Ker, Medieval MSS in British Libraries, vol. 2 (1977) pp.891-2.]

MS. 136.
234 pages + 29 folios. 126x90mm. 17th Century. In French.
Secretz et curiositez.
[Notes on various pigments and tinctures.]

MS. 137.
99 folios. 144x94mm. 17th Century. In German, but with titles in Latin.
f1 De Generatione Metallorum Commentarii Walchii Schorndorffii. [Johannes Walch of Schondorff.]
[See Johann Grasshof, Der kleine Bauer, Strasbourg, 1619 (Ferguson I, 338) with the Commentary of Walchius.]
f4 [Notes from Leonardus Thurneisser. Includes 3 watercolour drawings of plates from his Quinta Essentia, Munster, 1570. The first is labelled "Anima Mercurii" and shows a woman standing upon the moon within a nimbus of clouds. The second is labelled "Spiritus Sulphuris" and shows a man standing among clouds holding a vessel of burning substance. The third labelled "Corpus Minerale" shows a knight with a spear and shield.]
f7v [Notes from Isaac Holland "Theoriam et praxin".]
f21 Progressus ex Commentario Walchii Schorndorff.
f27-77 Extractus ex Cornelio Drebbel, Georgio Riplaeo, Tractatus Comite Bernardi, Basilius [and various alchemical authorities.]
f78-91 [Blank.]
f92-99 [Notes on "Processus phylosophicus" and "de Marcasitis Plumbeis" in German.]
[With two water colour drawings on inside front and back covers. The first shows a circular space in which water and fire are brought together, the second (inside back cover) entitled "Elixir completum" shows a female figure rising from the water and fire.]

MS. 138.
90 folios. 172x100mm. 18th Century. In French.
Recueil les divers preceptes physiques et chimiques.

MS. 139.
xiv + 284pages. 175x106mm. 18th Century. In German.
p1 Centrum Naturae Concentratum oder ein tractat von dem wider gebohrnen Saltz der Natur... In Arabisch beschrieben durch Ali Puli... von N.T.G.U. ...anno 1705.
[See Ali Puli, Centrum naturae concentratum. Oder ein tractat von dem wiedergebohrnen Saltz und Natur..., 1705.]
p77 Compendiöeses doch Vollkommenes Philosophisches Hand Büchlein das ist Philosophische Grund Sätze zur Universal Tincture: ... Christophoro Heinrico Keil ... Leipsig... 1736. [Series of hermetic axioms.]
p134 Vom dritten ein Anhange der Minnerallischen Dinge.
p165 Bericht wie man den Mercurium Praepariren.
p189 [Artephius] Clavis Sapientiae das ist ein Edles und kostliches Büchlein vom Stein der Weissen... Leipsig 1736.
p240-244 Prima Responsio [ ...] F.R.C.
[At end p244]: "E.D.F.O.C.R. Senior."
p244-245 Secunda Responsio... R.C.
p251 Disputation des Goldes und Mercurii mit dem stein der Weissen.
p267 [Extract from Isagoge, summary of the philosophy of Nicholas Flamel etc.]
[Some fragmentary notes at beginning and end.]

MS. 140.
43 folios. 111x83mm. Probably 18th Century. Church Slavonic.
[Calendrical tables and prayers in Church Slavonic.]

MS. 141.
70 folios. 139x102mm. 17th Century. In Italian.
Della cose naturali e sopranaturali Di Basilio Valentino.

MS. 142.
63 folios. 181x115mm. 17th Century. In German.
[The Key of Solomon incomplete but including the pentacles of the planets.]
f1 Grund und Aussfuhr Magische Processe von denen Metallischen Pentaculis.
f2 Das I Capitel. Zu welcher Stunde nach der Praeparation aller dinge man soll das Exercitium der Kunst zu Perfection bringen.
[17 numbered paragraphs.]
f4v Das II Cap: Auff was art und Weisse sich der Meister dieser Kunst soll verhalten und anstellen.
f6 Das III Cap: Von denen Badern, und wie man, die machen soll.
f9v Das IV Cap: Von der feder, Dinte und anderen zu der Kunst gehorigen Farben.
f10 Das V Cap: Von der Schwalben und der Raben=Federn.
f11 Das VI Cap: Von den Phite der Fleder Mauss der Taube und ander Tiere.
f12 Das VII Cap: Von denen Medailles oder Pentaculen.
f16 das VIII Cap: Von denen geweiheten Pentaculis oder Medaillen und von Isver Materia.
f20-61 [43 line drawn pentacle diagrams coloured according to planetary attributions. 7 Saturn-brown, 7 Jupiter-light blue, 6 Mars- Red, 7 Sun-yellow, 4 Venus-green, 6 Mercury-violet purple, 6 Moon-greyish white.]
f62-63 [Two line drawings of pentacle geometric forms unfinished.]

MS. 143.
238 pages. 163x109mm. 17th Century. In French.
p1 Les douze clefs de philosophie de frere Basile Valentin a Paris 1659.
p133-177 Azoth, ou le moyen de faire l'or cache des philosophes.
p178-187 Poeme philosophic sur l'azoth des philosophes par le Sieur de Nuisement. [Jacques Nuysement.]
p188-238 Traicte de la nature de l'oeuf Epitre certain de Bernard Allemand touchant l'oeuf des Philosophes.
[See Bernardus Trevisan, Traicté de la nature de l'oeuf des philosophes, Paris, 1624, another edition in 1659.]
[With 16 rough pen drawings - copies of engravings from Basil Valentine's works.]

MS. 144.
157 folios on vellum. 116x80mm. 15th Century. In Latin.
[Geber, Liber de transmutatione metallorum.]
[From Ferguson's original record cards. Manuscript not seen, missing since at least 1977.]

MS. 145.
48 folios. 185x117mm. Late 17th Century. In Latin.
f1 Praeservativum universale naturae. A natura et arte depromptum in omni morborum genere, est lapis philosophorum. Editore Johanne Friderico a Rain, etc., labaci, typis Joannis Baptiste a Myr.
f36 [Johann Isaac Hollandus] Libellus Cabala...
f41 [Johann Pharamund Rhumelius] Medicina spagyrica...
[See Johann Pharamund Rhumelius Medicina spagyrica oder spagyrische Artzneykunst, Franckfurt, 1662.]

MS. 146.
466 + 48 + 207 pages. 235x180mm. 17th Century. In French.
Les vrais segrets de medicine et chimie, des plus celebres medicins de l'univers et chimistres.
p1-292 Secrets Chymiques.
[Extracts from Traicte de la Chymie by Nicolas de Fevre, 12 Clefs du Valentin, etc.]
p293-466 Remedes tires de differents Autheurs.
p1-48 [New page numbering.] 3 Livre.
[Notes on alchemy in French.]
p1-207 [Another new page numbering.] 4 Livre De chimie. Copie d'un manuscrit escrit en l'an 1570. sur du parchemin qui contient de grandes Choses.
[Pen drawings of alchemical apparatus on pp.70-73.]

MS. 147.
159 folios on paper and parchment numbered 1-56, vi then 1-97. 175x112mm. 15th Century. In English and Latin.
f1-55 I Nicollas ypreiede of summe men yn practisye of medycyne studye to hem that woleth... dispensacyon. Aurea alexandria...
[A translation of the alphabetically arranged Antidotary of Nicholas Aurea alexandrina-Zinzeber.]
f57-62 [Sarum Calendar in Latin.]
f63-158 [Medical recipes.]
[For full description see N.R. Ker Medieval MSS in British Libraries, vol. 2 (1977) pp.892.]

MS. 148.
119 pages. 152x104mm. 16th Century. In Latin.
p1-74 Incipit liber intitulatus Praetiosum Donum Dei.
[With 12 finely executed watercolour drawings on pages 18, 21, 25, 29, 33, 38, 40, 44, 46, 48, 52, and 56.]
[At end]: "Explicit Liber qui intitulatus Praetiosum Donum Dei scriptum per me Georgium Aurach de Argentina, et etiam depictum manibus propriis sub Anno Domini 1475. Copia haec sumpta est ab ipso originali, scripto in membranis aureo minio, et caeruleo colore ornatis."
[See MSS. 112, 113, 222, 248, 270 and 292.]
p75-119 Liber qui intitulatus Hortus Divitiarum. Compositus per me Georgium Aurach de Argentina sub Anno Domine 1475.
p88-90 [3 drawings in pen and grey watercolour of alchemical furnaces.]

MS. 149.
96 pages. 154x99mm. 17th Century. In German.
[On spine]: "Divinum Opus Solis."
p1-96 [Text in German with 21 water-colour drawings, 20 of which are from the Rosarium Philosophorum series, except that here the action, apart from in the initial four drawings, takes place in flasks. Figure 11 is an addition to this series.]
fig 1 [Female figure holding caduceus, and uniting Mercury, Moon and Sun.]
fig 2 [Sun headed figure with caduceus.]
fig 3 [Double headed eagle in flask.]
fig 4 [Triple fountain of Sun, Moon and Mercury.]
fig 5 [Coitus of king and queen. All figures , except 10, from here on are in flasks.]
fig 6 [King and queen lying at bottom of flask.]
fig 7 Animae extractio vel Impraegnatio. [Winged figure ascends leaving the King and Queen at the bottom of flask.]
fig 8 [Rain descending on the king and queen at bottom of flask.]
fig 9 Animae Jubilatio. [Return of the winged figure.]
fig 10 Tinctura Alba. [White queen holds snake, and cup with three snakes.]
fig 11 De leone Rubeo et Aquila Alba. [A crowned figure half red lion and half white eagle in flask.]
fig 12 Fermentatio. [Second Coitus.]
fig 13 Illuminatio. [Sun in flask.]
fig 14 Nutrimentum.
fig 15 Fixation Tinctura. [Winged figure ascends to top of flask leaving the male and female figures at the bottom of the flask.]
fig 16 Multiplicatio.[Rain falls from clouds on the two figures.]
fig 17 Revivificatio. [Return of the winged soul figure.]
fig 18 Perfectionis ostensio. [King or Prince holds cup with three snakes in his right hand and a single snake in his left. Red lion and double headed eagle stand below.]
fig 19 Noster Mercurius est Leo viridis solem devorans.
fig 20 Coronatio Artis Tria Unum. [Figure at bottom of flask is crowned by figure emerging from a cloud.]
fig 21 Triumphus Artis. [Resurrection of King. Caduceus in flask.]
[Many of the figures have the short German verse found in the 1550 printed version of the Rosarium Philosophorum.]
[Note in French attached to folio 2v]: "Ce Manuscrit contiens l'oeuvre Philosophique a Decouvert, et a esté donné pour recompense a tout homme qui a veu faire l'oeuvre chez luy, chez le quel logoit le Philosophe alemande, ce manuscrit est Impayable a quelquen de sage et de Discres."
[See also MSS. 6, 29, 74, 96 and 210.]

MS. 150.
viii + 90 + i folios. 151x100mm. 17th Century. In French, with some sections in Italian.
[Miscellany of recipes, numbered 175-353, for fireworks,dyes, marbled paper, wax modelling, artificial flowers, horticulture, secret writing and various household recipes.]