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Colette van Praag

Gateways of the Divine
by Colette
An illuminated manuscript for the modern age.

Gateways of the Divine is a visionary and poetic initiation into the realms of light and shadow. This exquisite artist's edition depicts a mythic journey of awakening through 44 Gateway cards; each Gateway is then illuminated by an inspiring collection of poetry and writings from the world's great mystical traditions. Featuring Rumi, Kabir, Tagore, Rilke, as well as the modern poets David Whyte, Pablo Neruda and Octavio Paz, Gateways of the Divine offers timeless wisdom on the path to wholeness. A lifetime gift of beauty and revelation.

Gateways of the Divine is available in a signed and numbered Limited Edition of 1000 copies. This stunning case bound book features a 6-color cover, a double spine with a fold-out flap, a snap closure, 133 tip-ins, and a custom box with gold lettering. Details: 326 pages, with over 250 passages of poetry and mystical writings / 44 - 4x6" 4-color laminated cards in vellum pouches / Dimensions: 12x9x2 1/2"/ Weight: 7 lbs.

Price: Nos. 1-499 - $260 (about 50 copies left)
Nos. 500- 1000 - $500 each
Shipping to the US is $25 for Priority Mail.
International shipping is approximately $50 per book.
- Visa, Master Card and personal checks accepted

About the Artist and Publisher
Colette has dedicated her life to the path of healing artistry and service. Colette is a visionary artist and designer, a performer of mystical poetry, and the creator of Gateways of the Divine. Created over the course of 10 years, this contemporary illuminated manuscript is being widely used as a tool of transformation by individuals and therapists internationally. Colette embodies the wisdom of Gateways of the Divine by offering ceremonial presentations which include spoken poetry, sacred imagery and dance as a means of revelation and healing.
For more information, visit     www.gatewaysofthedivine.com

To order: 888.434.1154 / Colette@gatewaysofthedivine.com