Database of Modern Tarot Art

Based on Adam McLean's Tarot Collection
This is the first systematic and exhaustive study of modern tarot art.
Version 3.1 November 7th 2013 - 1634 items.

Tarots published in Russia

Russia - Ancient Scroll Tarot
Russia - Apollo Tarot
Russia - Arthurian Tarot
Russia - Astar or Astaroth Tarot
Russia - Biblical Tarot
Russia - Canonical Tarot of Gregory
Russia - Cat-A-Vasya
Russia - Dante Divine Comedy Tarot
Russia - Egyptian Tarot
Russia - Era of Aquarius Tarot
Russia - Eternal Love Tarot
Russia - Fairytale Tarot
Russia - Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
Russia - Gypsy Tarot
Russia - Holy Cards of Thoth
Russia - In Your Hands Tarot
Russia - Indian Karma Tarot
Russia - Kabbalistic Tarot G.O.M.
Russia - Karma Tarot
Russia - Love 2 Fantasy - Lovers Tarot
Russia - Magik Slavic Tarot
Russia - Marseilles Tarot
Russia - Messages from the Elements Tarot
Russia - Mirror of Fate Tarot (Arcus arcanum)
Russia - Moscow Sheharezada's Tarot or a Guestworker's Journey
Russia - Mysterious Tarot of Egypt
Russia - Nostradamus Dreams
Russia - Oracle of Tsar Soloman
Russia - Paracelsica Tarot
Russia - Reality Transurfing Tarot
Russia - Rocambole Tarot
Russia - Russian Tarot
Russia - Russian Tarot
Russia - Russian Tarot
Russia - Sergey Loginov Tarot
Russia - Shakespeare Tarot
Russia - Tarolino Karma Tarot
Russia - Tarot Cards (Fantasy art)
Russia - Tarot for Lovers
Russia - Tarot of Demons
Russia - Tarot of Doctor Paracelsus
Russia - Tarot of Fortune
Russia - Tarot of Love Magic
Russia - Tarot of Magical Symbols
Russia - Tarot of Nostradamus Dreams
Russia - Tarot of Shadows
Russia - Tarot of the Feminine Principle - Women's Tarot
Russia - Tarot of the Old Path
Russia - Tarot of Twelve Rays
Russia - Tarot PMP
Russia - Tarot Universal
Russia - Transcendental Tarot - The Key of Hermes
Russia - Vedic (Vedicheskoe) Tarot
Russia - Women's Tarot

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It is my own intellectual property and I do not allow this to be copied and used by others.
This database represents years of collecting and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of my research,
documentation, keyboarding and formatting the information I have gathered.
Copying this information onto another site is a straight theft of my intellectual property.
For each of these entries I have had the actual tarot in my own hands.
This is not a cut and paste job from images and descriptions on the Internet, but original primary research.
It is, of course, immediately recognisable and I will legally pursue anyone appropriating it.