Database of Modern Tarot Art

Based on Adam McLean's Tarot Collection
This is the first systematic and exhaustive study of modern tarot art.
Version 3.0 October 22nd 2013 - 1530 items.

Tarots published in the UK

21st Century Tarot
Alchemical Tarot
Alcohol tarot
Ancient Egyptian Tarot
Art of Tarot
Arthurian Tarot
Atavist Tarot
Aura Soma
Butler Tarot
Celtic Tarot
Celtic Wisdom Tarot
Charmed Book of Shadows Tarot
Dark Tantra Tarot
Deirdre of the Sorrows Tarot Deck
Dion Fortune Tarot Cards
Dreampower Tarot
Dylan Deck
Earth Mother Tarot
Elven Tarot
Enhancing Your Mind Body Spirit Tarot
Eroteme Fashion Tarot Cards
Faulkner Tarot
Frown Strong Tarot
Gareth Knight Tarot
Glastonbury Tarot
Goblin Tarot
Golden Dawn Temple Tarot Deck
Grail Tarot
Greenwood Tarot
Hexen 2.0 Tarot
Hezicos Tarot
Intuitive Tarot
Intuitive Tarot
Jak Flash Major Arcana
Jonathan Dee Tarot
Kitchen Tarot
Landrover Tarot
Lifestyle Tarot Deck
Lost Tarot
Lost Tarot of Nostradamus
Love Tarot
Lovers' Tarot
Lovers' Tarot
Magickal Tarot
Merlin Tarot
Nimue Tarot
Norse Tarot
Pagan Tarot
Pen Tarot
Pocketable Tarot Series No 319
Portmeirion Tarot
Prediction Tarot
Quantum Tarot
Sacred Isle Tarot
Sasha Fenton Tarot
Servants of the Light
Sexual Tarot
Shakespearian Tarot
Sharman-Caselli Tarot
Sheridan Douglas Tarot
Son Tarot
Soulworkers Tarot
Spill Tarot
Stuckist Tarot
Tantric Tarot
Tarot Collectors Forum Collaborative Deck 2008
Tarot Collectors Forum Collaborative Deck 2009
Tarot de Paris
Tarot House
Tarot Kernow The Cornish Tarot
Tarot Kit - Tarot for Life and Love
Tarot of Aubrey Beardsley
Tarot of the Earth Mother
Tarot of the Wyrd
Thelemic Tarot
Three Rabbits Tarot
Tiny (Bug)Tarot
Titania's Star Tarot
Waite-Trinick Tarot
Wicca Moon Tarot
Wild Green Chagallian Tarot
Wildwood Tarot
Sheridan Douglas
Ancient Egyptian Tarot
Jak Flash - The Major Arcana
Atavist Tarot
Love Tarot
Tarot Kernow - The Cornish Tarot

Please note: all the text and research information is ©Adam McLean.
It is my own intellectual property and I do not allow this to be copied and used by others.
This database represents years of collecting and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of my research,
documentation, keyboarding and formatting the information I have gathered.
Copying this information onto another site is a straight theft of my intellectual property.
For each of these entries I have had the actual tarot in my own hands.
This is not a cut and paste job from images and descriptions on the Internet, but original primary research.
It is, of course, immediately recognisable and I will legally pursue anyone appropriating it.