Database of Modern Tarot Art

Based on Adam McLean's Tarot Collection
This is the first systematic and exhaustive study of modern tarot art.
Version 3.0 October 22nd 2013 - 1235 items.

Tarots published in Canada

Eddy Match Tarot
Klee Tarot
L'Escalier d'Aton - Tarot initiatique et divinatoire
Motherwell Tarot
Naruto Doujin Tarot
Quantum Tarot - A Tarot of New Physics
Tarot d'Oswald Wirth
Tarot des grands initiés de l'ancienne Égypte
Tarot Sepia
Veritable Tarot de Marseille
Tarot of Marie-Claude Bouthillier Lady McBouth
Tarot de Montreal
Tarot Erotica
Winnipeg Tarot
L'Escalier d'Aton
Sensual Goddess
Tarot des grands inities de l'ancienne Egypte
Tarot des grands inities d'Egypte
Hello From Heaven Tarot
Andar Tarot Deck of Major Arcana
Angels of Mercy Tarot
Angel Gateways Tarot
Shining Hope Tarot
Apple Tarot
Ancient Greek Circle
Festival Life
One in Ten Silver Edition
Tarot de Mondes Intergalactiques
Twilight Rabbit Tarot
World of Casteltania Tarot
Sacred Circle Native

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documentation, keyboarding and formatting the information I have gathered.
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For each of these entries I have had the actual tarot in my own hands.
This is not a cut and paste job from images and descriptions on the Internet, but original primary research.
It is, of course, immediately recognisable and I will legally pursue anyone appropriating it.