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Hermetic Studies series

No. 1. Doctor Heinrich Khunrath: A Study in Mystical Alchemy

By J.B. Craven.

J.B. Craven, an Archdeacon of Orkney, is well known for his books on Robert Fludd and Michael Maier published during the early decades of this century. He also completed this present book (though it was never published) on the mystical alchemist Heinrich Khunrath (c.1560-1605), famous for his 'Amphitheatre of Eternal Wisdom'. Although an obscure and retiring figure, Khunrath's books were very influential upon the development of alchemical, hermetic and Rosicrucian ideas during the early 17th century. The elaborate and detailed illustrations in his 'Amphitheatrum' were especially important, and this book was very much sought after at that time. J.B. Craven draws together in this book all that he could discover about Khunrath. The first part of the book is an essay on Khunrath's life and ideas, and the bulk of the book is Craven's exploration of Khunrath's writings. Craven expecially focusses on the 'Confessio' and the 'Amphitheatrum', and he provides much commentary and summaries of the texts.

Craven's book provides one of the few sources available for information on the important figure of Khunrath.

141 pages. 14 illustrations. A5 hardback.

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