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     Hermetic Studies series
This series was conceived in 1997 as a complement to the Magnum Opus sourceworks. Hermetic Studies is a means for publishing recent works of commentary, research and bibliography on the various facets of hermeticism, especially focussing on alchemy.
In 1999 it was possible to purchase a colour printer and this allowed the production of books with coloured illustrations. Four of the recent publications in this series provide coloured versions of well known alchemical sequences.
These books are issued as limited editions of 300 signed and numbered copies, bound by Adam McLean at his workshop in Glasgow, in a style similar to the Magnum Opus series.

No. 1. Doctor Heinrich Khunrath: A Study in Mystical Alchemy - J.B. Craven. 1997

No. 2. Alchemical Coins and Medals - Vladimir Karpenko. 1998

No. 3. Alchemical Compendium I - Mike Dickman. 1999

No. 4. The Mutus Liber Coloured - Adam McLean. 1999

No. 5. The Book of Lambspring Coloured - Adam McLean. 2000

No. 6. Speculum veritatis - Coloured version by Adam McLean. 2000

No. 7. The 'Azoth' series of Basil Valentine - Coloured version by Adam McLean. 2000

No. 8. The Mystical Heart Emblems of Paul Kaym and Nicolas Häublin - Coloured version by Adam McLean. 2006.

In 2014 some new titles were issued in paperback format.