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     Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks Series
This series of limited edition hand-bound books by Adam McLean were initially produced between 1979 and 1986. They were never sold through book dealers, but only by direct mail order. Consequently, these books became collectors items, often fetching high prices on the second-hand market. Only a few copies remain of some of the older titles in this series and a number are now entirely sold out. Since 1997 fourteen new titles have been issued with more in preparation.

No. 7. Amphitheatre Engravings of Khunrath

Khunrath's 'Amphitheatre of Eternal Wisdom' published in its best known form in 1609, had a profound and important influence on the alchemical and hermetic traditions in the opening decades of the 17th century, and had some influnce on the development of the Rosicrucian movement. It is famous for its series of large engravings, which contain many of the elements later woven into the symbolic plates illustrating the works of Maier, Mylius, and other 'Rosicrucian' writers. This edition provides for the first time a translation (by Patricia Tahil) of the considerable amount of text contained on these plates, together with extensive commentaries on these engravings, including material by J.B. Craven, Stanislas de Guaita, Papus and Johan Arndt. Limited edition of 250 copies 95 pages. 10 folding illustrations. A5 hardbound.

This edition is now entirely sold out.
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