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     Hermetic Journal - complete back issues
Back issues of the Hermetic Journal are available as printed books and Kindle ebooks..
A small number of copies of the issues from 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992 are available in printed book form.

Contents of the complete back issues of the Hermetic Journal


Transmutation and Resurrection - Gareth Knight
The Golden Chain of Homer
A Satanist's Diary
Alexander Von Suchten: The Sweat on a Philosopher's Brow - Michael Jones
Divinatory Geomancy: An Hermetic Art - Stephen Skinner
A Vision - Kelly and Dee
The Science of Ayurveda: A Hindu Alchemy - Sri Lokanath
The Glyphs of the Planets - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala Number 1
The Secret Fire of the Alchemists - Kenneth Clark
Ourselves - Cottie Burland
Creative Symbolism - Patricia Villiers-Stuart
Interpreting a Magical Diagram - Adam McLean
Hermetic Meditation No. 2
Paganism and the Hermetic Occult Tradition: Part One - M.A. Howard
The Seal of Aemeth and the Seal of God
Fire and Water - Richard Gardner
Alchemical Mandala No 2
The Four Fire Festivals Part One: Samhuinn - Colin Murray
Alchemy in Scotland


The Feminine Partner in the Alchemical Dance - Magenta Wise
Paganism and the Hermetic Occult Tradition : Part Two - M. A. Howard
The Spiritual Implications of Nuclear Power - Adam McLean
Hermetic Meditation No 3
Dr John Dee's Hieroglyphic Monad - Gareth Knight
The First Matter - Kenneth Clark
Alchemical Mandala No 3
The Four Fire Festivals : Part Two : Brigantia - Colin Murray
The Zodiac and the Flashing Colours - Ithell Colquhoun
Colour and the Two Sigils- Ithell Colquhoun
A Rosicrucian Alchemical Mystery Centre in Scotland - Adam McLean
Hermetic Meditation No 4
Number and Space - Patricia Villiers-Stuart
Alchemical Mandala No 4
The Golden Chain of Homer : Part Four
The Fountain Allegory of Bernard of Treviso
Fulcanelli - Kenneth Rayner Johnson
The Rosicrucian Canons of Benedict Hilarion
The Four Fire Festivals : Part Three : Beltane
A Rosicrucian Manuscript of Michael Maier - Adam McLean
Hermetic Meditation No 5
The Uroboros - Kenneth Clark
The Birds in Alchemy - Adam McLean
Gargoyle Evokation - Jon Symon
Alchemical Mandala No 5
Some Light on Kundalini - Nancy Ogle
A Foundation - Richard Gardner
The Four Fire Festivals : Part Four : Lugnassad - Colin Murray
A Possible Origin for the Enochian Calls - Geoffrey James
Hermetic Meditation No 6
Memoir of E.J.L. Garstin - Ithell Colquhoun
Notes on the Colouring of the Homer's Golden Chain Diagram - Ithell Colquhoun
The Forty Worlds of the Holy Lamb - Michael Becket
Bacstrom's Rosicrucian Society - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No 6
Robert Fludd's Spiritual Task - Adam McLean


Ceremonial Magick : Part One - Hans Nintzel
The Crowning of Nature - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No 7
Hermetic Meditation No 7
Towards Occult Christianity - Joe Kelley
Spiritual Contact with an Alchemical Master - Kenneth Rayner Johnson
Alchemy in the Open - Nancy Ogle
Robert Fludd's Temple of Music - Translated by Todd Barton
Reviews and Book Notices
The Rosicrucian Emblems of Daniel Cramer - Adam McLean
The Virga Aurea - Adam McLean
Capillary Dynamolysis - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No 8
The Dancing Maidens - Michael Jones
Palingenesis - Kenneth Rayner Johnson
An Experiment to Grow a Tree of Silver - Adam McLean
Hermetic Meditation No 8
The Mirror of Wisdom - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No 9
The Ethers and the Fundamental Forces of Physics - Adam McLean
The Monas Hieroglyphica - Peter Dawkins
The Alchemy of the Earth Forces - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No 10
The Hermetic Garden of Daniel Stolcius - Adam McLean
The International Alchemical Symposium, 1980 - Nancy Ogle
Hermetic Meditation No 9
The Metalline Vapour - Michael Watson
The Tarot, the Seasons and the Five Chinese Elements - Swami Prem Sudheer


The Astral Light, the Prime Material and the Universal Mercury - Michael Watson
Whither Magic? - Stephen Skinner
Some Hermetic Reflections on the "Earth Mysteries" - Swami Prem Sudheer
The Rosary of the Philosophers - Adam McLean
Constructing a Magical Mirror according to The Art Of Cyprian - Adam McLean
Squaring the Circle of 13 - Patricia Villiers-Stuart
Some Notes on the Work of Louis Kervran - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No. 11
Hermetic Meditation No 10
Alchemy and Qabalah - Hans Nintzel
Rasayana : The Natha School of Alchemy - Lokanatha
Jane Leade's Revelation of Revelations - Adam McLean
A Kabbalistic-Alchemical Altarpiece - Adam McLean
Muller's Process
Hermetic Meditation No 11
Heinrich Khunrath - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No. 12
An Interview with Arturo Schwarz
Splendor Solis - Adam McLean
The Confessio of Heinrich Khunrath
A Lullist Alchemical Illustration - Adam McLean
The Reversed Lord's Prayer - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No 13
Advances in Physical Alchemy -
Modern Taoist Transmutations - Mobius Rex
Archibald Cockren: Modern Alchemist - Patricia Tahil
Hermetic Meditation No. 12
Meyrink's Der Golem: A Study in Alchemical Transformation - D. M. Cooley
Alchemical Principles in Agriculture: An Outline - Adam McLean
Man and His Souls - Nicolas N. Tereshchenko
A Key to the Letters of the Q.B.L - Violet Smyth
The Aurora Consurgens - Simon Seligman
Jacob Boehme - Adam McLean
De Cabala Alchymica or The Alchemical Tree of Life - Rafal T. Prinke
Working with Practical Alchemy No. 1
Alchemical Mandala No. 14


The Mutus Liber - Adam McLean
Spagyric Medicine Revived - Paul Baines
Michael Sendivogius - Adept or Imposter - Rafal T. Prinke
Planning the Apocalypse - Michael Jones
Alchemical Mandala No. 15
Historical Note Concerning the Emerald Tablet
Working with Practical Alchemy No. 2
Four Basic Patterns of Indian and Western Alchemical Thought - Arturo Schwarz
Johannes Trithemius - Adam McLean
Dr Rudd's Treatise - Some New Insights Into the Enochian System
Rosicrucian Aphorisms and Process from a Manuscript of Sigismund Bacstrom
Working With Practical Alchemy No. 3
Alchemical Mandala No. 16
Light on the Castle Path - Deirdre Green
Dew and Dew Ponds - Paul Baines
The Mythology of the Qabalah - P. Harrill James
The Brave Old World of Alchemy - Patricia Tahil
Robert Fludd's Great Treatise of Rosicrucian Science - Adam McLean
Working with Practical Alchemy No. 4
Alchemical Mandala No. 17
The Teaching of Gurdjieff - Nicolas N. Tereshchenko
Alchemical Mandala No. 18
An Hermetic Interpretation of the Tarot - Adam McLean
The Alchemical Tarot - Rafal T. Prinke
The Myth of the Fall and Goethe's Fairy Tale - Adam McLean
Working with Practical Alchemy No. 5


Was Jacob Boehme a Paracelsian? - Russell H. Hvolbek
Alchemical Mandala No 19
The Naometria of Simon Studion - Adam McLean
Fundamental Physics: Recapitulation of the Archetypes of the Ancient Alchemists - Adam McLean
The Triple Goddess - Adam McLean
Working with Practical Alchemy No. 6
Freher's Mystical Emblems - Adam McLean
The Metaphysical Implications of Quantum Theory - Adam McLean
An Early Rosicrucian Text : Cabala: Mirror of Art and Nature - Translated by Gisela Kirberg
Alchemical Mandala No. 20
The Cosmological Structure of the Zohar - Paul Krzok
Messenger of the Rosy Cross - Adam McLean
Working With Practical Alchemy No. 7
The Retrieval of Alchemy - Elemire Zolla
The Balance of Gold and Silver - Michael Jones
An Hermetic Origin of the Tarot Cards? A Consideration of the Tarocchi of Mantegna - Adam McLean
The Second Little World - Andrew Mouldey
An Alchemical Gate in Rome - Adam McLean
The School of Gerona : Restoring an Ancient Kabbalistic Centre in Spain - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No. 21
A Look at Alchemical Transmutation from the Viewpoint of Fundamental Physics - Adam McLean
A Look at The Bahir - Paul Krzok
The Inner Geometry of Alchemical Emblems - Adam McLean
Pathworking and Inner Journeys - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No. 22
Passages to the Otherworld - Deirdre Green
Edward Kelley - Adam McLean
Otto, Eliade, Jung and the Sacrality of Matter - Andrew Mouldey


1484-1984 500th Anniversary of the Building of the Vault of Christian Rosenkreutz - Adam McLean
The Magical "Art" - Robert Ellaby
Charity of Light: A Zoroastrian Re-Reading of the Grail Romances - Elemire Zolla
Alchemical Mandala No 23
Quantum Consciousness - Adam McLean
Microcosmic Reflections - Andrew Mouldey
The Kundalini Enigma - Lokanath Maharaj
The Ripley Scroll - Adam McLean
The Phoenix and Cinderella - Wolfe van Brussell
An Esotericist Looks at Cosmology - Adam McLean
Meditation : Balancing our Inner World - Adam McLean
The Symbolism of the Rosicrucian Vault - Dr. Deirdre Green
Early Symbolism of the Rosy Cross : Searching for a Link with Tradition - Rafal T. Prinke
The Fourth Rosicrucian Manifesto ? The Mirror of Wisdom of Theophilus Schweighardt
Computers and Occultism - Lokanath Maharaj
Alchemical Mandala No. 24
Obituary for Frater Albertus
Homo Quadratus - Andrew Mouldey
Hermetic Allegory No. 1
The Search for a Sound Philosophical Basis for Esotericism - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No. 25
The Alchemical Emblems of Mylius - Adam McLean
A Glimpse of a Western Lineage


A Door will Open for Europe - Marcel Messing
Alchemical Mandala Number 26
Spiritual Cosmology in Modern Science - Adam McLean
Hermetic Allegory Number 2
Obituary for Israel Regardie
Hermetic Art: Gnostic Alchemy of the Imagination - A.C. Evans
Meditation on the Name of God - Gavin S. Bennett
Through a Glass, Darkly - Pete Ludbey
The Wroclaw Codex of the Magical Calendar - Rafal T. Prinke
Emblematic Meditation - Adam McLean
A Context for Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens - Joscelyn Godwin
Number in the Philosophy of the Hermetic Magus John Dee 1527-1608 - Chris Pickering
The Magical Aphorisms of Eugenius - Thomas Vaughan
Alchemical Mandala Number 27
The Kabbalistic Diagrams of Knorr von Rosenroth
The Lemegetton Revealed - Kevin Wilby
Hermetic Allegory Number 3
Lampado Trado: From the Fama Fraternitatis to the Golden Dawn - Rafal T. Prinke
Enochian Chess: A Magickal Vehicle for the Twenty First Century - Steve Nichols
The Four Angelic Tablets - Christian Wilby
The Ritual of the Hieroglyphic Monad - Thomas R. Hall III
Common Ground - Rab Wilkie
The Dream of Poliphilus : A Source for the Allegory of the Chymical Wedding - Adam McLean


The Seven Palaces in Early Jewish Mysticism - Dr Deirdre Green
The Alchemical Vessel as Symbol of the Soul - Adam McLean
A Method of Photographing Etheric Energy Without the need of Special Operator Properties - Michael Watson
Alchemical Mandala Number 28
Gnostic Magic and Jacob Boehme - Harald Sundt III
The Scryers of John Dee - Chris Pickering
The Equinoxes and Solstices : An Interpretation Part I : The Summer Solstice - Graham Knight
Etheric Emblems - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No. 29
Saint-Yves d'Alveydre and the Agarthian Connection - Joscelyn Godwin
The Origins of the Western Tradition in the Ancient World - Stephen Ronan
The Conjurer John Dee : The Myth 1555-1608 - Chris Pickering
Shakespeare and the Rosicrucians - Ron Heisler
Alchemical Mandala Number 30
The Practice of the Art of the Pyramid - Thomas R. Hall III
The Equinoxes and Solstices : An Interpretation Part 2: The Autumn Equinox - Graham Knight
A Comparison of the Prayer of the Apostle Paul with the Hymns of Corpus Hermeticum and some Greek Magical Papyri - David R. Fideler
Two Prayers for Alchemists - Karl von Eckarthausen
A Threefold Alchemical Journey through The Book of Lambspring - Adam McLean
A Note on the Paintings of N.K. Roerich - Elemire Zolla
A Kabbalistic Interpretation of Hebrew Memorial Inscription - G.S. Bennett
Alchemical Mandala No 31
The Equinoxes and Solstices : An Interpretation Part 3: The Winter Solstice - Graham Knight


The Key to Hermetic Philosophy - Joseph R. Ritman
Speculations on the Monad and its Mathematics - Chris Pickering
Introduction to the Hermetic Adepti - Ron Heisler
The Fountain of Philosophers - Mark Haeffner
Deeper Roots of the Golden Dawn - Rafal Prinke
The Little Key to the Gate of the Palace of Pentagrams - Harald Sundt
Fractal Universes, Recursion and our Inner World - Adam McLean
Notes on the "Twelve Keys" of Basil Valentine - Adam McLean
Alchemical Mandala No 32
Yeats and the Unknown Superiors: Swedenborg, Falk and Cagloiostro - Marsha Keith Schuchard
The Name of God and the Covenant of Abraham - Gavin S. Bennett
Altar of the Theraphic Brotherhood Fraternitatis Crucis Roseæ
The Sevenfold Kabbalah - Paul Krzok
Hermetic Symbolism in a Masonic Engraving - Adam McLean
The Occult Centre in Cracovia - Rafal T. Prinke
Palaces, Mansions and Shells in a Kabbalistic Diagram of Rosenroth
The Statue and the Seed: The Mountains of the Moon - Graham Knight
The Mute Book of Angels - Kevin Wilby
Daath, Kether and the Event Horizon - Gavin S. Bennett


The Poetry of Alchemy - Mark Haeffner
Kabbalistic Cosmology and its Parallels in the 'Big Bang' of Modern Physics - Adam McLean
A Rosicrucian Emblem - Adam McLean
Shaping the Cubic Stone : Masonic Symbolism in Lambert de Lintot's Engraving - R.A. Gilbert
Symbolism of the Black Hole Egg - George Burnett-Stuart
Report on the Alchemical Workshop - John Fitzpatrick
Lilith and the Primal Water - Graham Knight
The Alchemical Tarot Deck: Part One - Rafal T. Prinke
The 49 Powers in Kabbalah - Paul Krzok
The Alchemical Drama of Goethe's Faust - Adam McLean
Gnostic Cosmogeny - Martin Levin
The Twelve Figures of Orthelius - Thomas Willard
Theodorus of Asine and the Kabbalah - Stephen Ronan
Al-Kemi : Hermetic, Occult, Political, and Private Aspects of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. - A review of André VandenBroeck's book by - Joscelyn Godwin
Reviews and Book Notices


The Alchemical Salt - Charles Upton
The Four-fold Shin and the Gates of Creation - Graham Knight
The Sky-Father-God The Earth-Mother-Goddess and the Opening of the Mystic Gate - James Clark
Report on Gröningen Conference on Alchemy
Rosicrucianism: The First Blooming in Britain - Ron Heisler
Hermetic Heraldry - Rafal Prinke
The Consideratio Brevis of Philip à Gabella - Translated by Christopher Atton
An Allegorical Letter about an Alchemical Adept
The Number Philosophy of Philo of Alexandria - David Moir
Monas Hieroglyphica and the T'ai Hsuan Ching: Extrapolation and Synthesis - Andrew Gaze
Michael Maier and England - Ron Heisler
A New Look at an Old Anachronism - Nicholas Tereshchenko
Kabbalistic and Pythagorean Theory - Robin Waterfield
Robert Fludd: A Picture in Need of Expansion - Ron Heisler
Transformations of the Alchemical King in the Allegories of Merlin and Duenech


The Impact of Freemasonry on Elizabethan Literature - Ron Heisler
Michael Sendivogius and Christian Rosenkreutz - Rafal Prinke
Some Hidden Sources of the Florentine Renaissance - Graham Knight
A Short Confession of Henry Khunrath
The Everburning Lights ascribed to Trithemius
The Vision of Ben Adam
The Sevenfold Adam Kadmon and His Sephiroth - Paul Krzok
The Spine in Kabbalah - Paul Krzok
Philip Ziegler - The Rosicrucian "King of Jerusalem" - Ron Heisler
Towards Gnosis: Exegesis of Valle-Inclán's la lampara Maravillosa. - Robert Lima
The Journey of Frederick Gall
General Rainsford : An Alchemical and Rosicrucian Enthusiast - Adam McLean
A Letter from a Hermetic Philosopher from Ms in British Library
Shakespeare and Rosicrucianism - Ron Heisler
Two Diagrams of D.A. Freher
Some Golden Moments - Nick Kollerstrom


The Book of Lambsprinck: An Interpretation - Guido Martens
Solidified Mercury: An Outline - D. Lloyd Thomas
Hargrave Jennings - Joscelyn Godwin
The Blacke Toade - Rafal T. Prinke
A Conference betwixt Philochrysus and Philadelphus on the Philadelphian Gold
East of Eden: Biblical Knowing and the Inner Elixir within a Kabbalistic Speculum - Gavin S. Bennett
[Al]chemical Imagery in the Poetry of Garcilaso de la Vega - Daniel L. Heiple
Hieronymous Bosch, 'Psychedelic' Art, Alchemy, and Bon Religion - Ezio Albrile
A Source for Robert Fludd's Sevenfold Rose
Alchemical Agriculture - A recipe for an alchemical fertilizer from an Eighteenth century manuscript
Seven Illustrations to the Works of Jacob Boehme Extracted from a Walton manuscript
The Glory of Light or a short treatise showing Urim and Thummim to be made by Art - Transcribed from Ms. Ashmole 1415


The Epistle of Dr. Hadrianus a Mynsicht: A Rosicrucian Alchemical Allegory - Alberto I. LaCava, Ph.D., FRC
John Dee and the Secret Societies - Ron Heisler
An Infallible Touchstone
Zosimos and the Inner Temple - Graham Knight
The Fountain of the Lovers of the Science
A Behemist Circle in Victorian England - Joscelyn Godwin
Michael Sendivogius and the Statuts des Philosophes Inconnus - Zbigniew Sydlo
Oath of an Adept
Foam of the Moon - Graham Knight
The Forgotten English Roots of Rosicrucianism - Ron Heisler
Michael Maier's Intellectual cantilenae on the resurrection of the Phoenix - Mike Dickman
Wood and Metal - Kabbalistic Orientation and Elementary Alchemical Returning - Gavin Bennett
Glauber's Dialogue on the Alchemical Process
Christopher Walton's Theosophic Symbols - Adam McLean