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     Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks Series
Why is it so difficult to buy these books ?

These books are produced in limited editions of 250 or 300 copies, but are made in small batches of about 10 or so at a time.

These books are entirely unique. They are bound by hand in a full leather binding. This process takes a great deal of time, up to three hours per book. This is why the prices are quite high, but it also means that bound copies of the books are not always instantly available.

The books sell very slowly - only a few copies being sold each year of the older titles. When a few back orders build up a small batch of copies is made and these are sold gradually over the period of a few months or years.

As the book production is so labour intensive, I have to balance the time I spend on keeping older titles available with the need to originate new material. New titles tend to have priority, so it can be a frustrating wait for a particular book to become available.

One can of course try and find copies on the second hand market. These usually fetch around $250.
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Why is it so difficult
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