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     Adam McLean's books
Can I not just buy them through or my local bookseller, like any other book?

I am sorry but these books cannot be made available through the book trade.

They are unique items and the price I set for them reflects the amount of time I spend actually binding the book. It takes about two to three hours to bind up each book.

Book dealers usually want at least a 40% discount (sometimes even 50% or more) plus my paying the postage costs. Also they want to delay payment for at least three months and pay in their local currency. This means I cannot afford to sell books through these outlets.

The only way to buy these books is direct from me, through the alchemy web bookshop. It is best to buy using your credit card online, but if you don't have a credit card we can arrange another method for making payment. I also can accept Paypal payments. Please email   for details of alternative methods of payment.

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Can I not just buy them
through Amazon or my local bookseller,
like any other book ?

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